Teach dogs skills!

When the dog looks at the shovel official, he will add a piece of meat to the dog. The dog often turns the garbage can. After the dog was educated by the excrement shoveling officer, the dog still did not change. Finally, the excrement removal official gave up. Until one day, shovel excrement officer suddenly found that dog’s status was even higher than himself. Dogs are becoming more and more disobedient.

if the dog is disobedient, it will be good to have a fight! A lot of excrement shoveling officers beat the dogs when they protect food, pounce on people and bark, and the dogs will be beaten up slowly and obediently. However, the shovel excrement officer’s fight, is not really hits!

when they beat a dog, they will pat the dog’s buttocks with their hands and scold the dog with a stern voice. When shoveling poop officials, they should pay attention not to pat dogs like they usually do. Patting will make the dog think it is playing, but more excited. Of course, you can’t beat them again, which can lead to physical and mental health, anxiety, insecurity and even aggressive behavior.

However, no matter how serious a mistake a dog has made, the pooper must remember that the dog’s mouth, stomach and nose can not be beaten because these places are very vulnerable to the dog.

if you really don’t want to fight, you can use an empty drink bottle or slippers to make a loud sound in the open space beside the dog, and use the sound to make the dog realize that he has done something wrong.

in addition to making noises with empty drink bottles or slippers, you can also look directly into the dog’s eyes. If your eyes are very sharp, this method will also let the dog slowly obedience! However, it should be noted that this method is only used when the dog does something wrong and has no intention of attacking. For example, if a dog does something wrong, the dog starts barking. When barking, it sticks out its tongue, wags its tail, shakes its body or jumps. As long as one of the above actions, you can blame the dog with your eyes.

if the dog does something wrong and is scolded by the excrement shoveling officer half way, the corners of his mouth will rise up and make a deep grunt, or his ears will turn to the back, which indicates that the dog has the intention to attack! The excrement removing officer should be careful at this time.

if the dog just makes some small mistakes, which are not serious, the excrement removal officer should use rewards to correct the dog’s wrong behavior. The dog’s small mistakes need the help of the shovel officer.

most of the small mistakes are caused by some misguided behaviors of the excrement removing officer. If the dog wants to correct his bad habits and some mistakes that he should not make, he should regulate his own behavior at the beginning. For example, when eating at the table, the dog should not give him food even if he is looking forward to himself. Finally, remember that rewards are more effective than punishment for dogs!