Teddy’s cesarean section stitches, obedient, more tolerant after being a mother!

Dogs give birth to children just like children. Sometimes they have no strength to have a natural birth, so they can only give birth by caesarean section. When this dog gives birth to a dog, it is a caesarean section. Today is the day to take out the stitches.

look at the long scar on the dog’s belly. It looks a little scary, but all this has passed. Today is the day of removing the thread. After the thread is removed, take care of it and recover soon.

in general, most dogs give birth to dog treasure naturally. Only a small number of dogs do not have the strength to give birth, so they will give birth by caesarean section. When the dog takes out the thread, he does not know whether it is numb and sour, and the dog does not struggle.

the doctor is disinfecting the wound of the dog’s stitches, and then gently remove the thread with something. For such a big wound, it should be very painful if it is pressed by the dog when feeding the dog milk.

these dogs are small in size and have less strength, so they have to have caesarean section. This scene spread on the Internet, netizens said: don’t let it regenerate, baby much pain, looking at all for it uncomfortable. Netizens, have you ever seen a puppy born by caesarean section?