Tell parents: these two kinds of vegetables or damage to the liver, at home have, don’t be greedy

Introduction: we often hear that diseases come from the mouth. We eat all kinds of food every day. The liver decomposes the food that enters the human body. Therefore, if the food you eat has problems, it will damage the liver, reduce the function of the liver, and then affect our health. So, to nourish and protect the liver, let’s start with our daily diet.

stir fried or cold mixed beans are popular among families, but one thing we must pay attention to is to make them very ripe. It’s not good to eat raw beans once in a while, but it’s easy to cause digestive disorders in our body if we eat them for a long time, aggravate the metabolic burden of liver cells on toxins, and easily cause liver cell damage.

in the vegetable market, bean sprouts without whiskers can be seen everywhere. Many families will buy these rootless bean sprouts to enrich the table. But most of these rootless bean sprouts are soaked by chemical substances. If we eat them often, it will damage our body, especially our liver.

night is the time for human body to repair itself. Not only our body organs are regulated and repaired, but also our mental state is restored. If you wake up tired and depressed in the morning, it’s most likely that your liver is signaling to you.

after the liver is damaged, the ability of liver cells to decompose toxins becomes weak, and the human body will automatically choose to expel excess toxins from the mouth. This is called liver odor in medicine, commonly known as halitosis. Halitosis is an embarrassing thing, but it is very difficult to eliminate it by simply gargling and brushing our teeth. So we should actively maintain our liver and avoid bad breath.

if you brush your teeth in the morning, you should pay attention to it. It is most likely that there is something wrong with your liver. Liver damage will reduce our ability to clot, and the gum is a good vent, so there is gum bleeding phenomenon.

staying up late often can make our skin dark and our immunity decreased. Among the people with liver function problems, 70% have the habit of staying up late. So we’d better go to bed early and get up early every day, refuse to stay up late, keep the body in good condition, promote liver blood return, and speed up the excretion of toxins in the body.

more exercise, on the one hand, can speed up the excretion of toxins in our body, reduce the burden of the liver, and enhance our physique; on the other hand, it can make people happy physically and mentally, and enable us to devote ourselves to the study, work and life of the day.

water is the source of life. Water can participate in human metabolism, dissolve and carry nutrients, and nourish our liver. If you have liver problems, you can also drink water with chrysanthemum, medlar, Osmanthus fragrans, cassia seed, honeysuckle and other liver benefiting ingredients to nourish the liver.

cassia seed: cassia seed contains a variety of nutrients needed by human body, such as iron, vitamins, etc. It can improve our immunity and relieve liver fire.

honeysuckle: now more and more young partners pay attention to health preservation, and honeysuckle soaking in water is a common method in health preservation. Honeysuckle can relieve wind and fever, anti inflammation and disinfection, improve immunity.

put the above ingredients into the cup according to a certain proportion, brew them with boiling water before drinking, and have a cup after eating. Drink water and nourish the liver. Of course, if you find it troublesome, you can click the card below to buy the prepared tea bag.

conclusion: Although the liver has a low sense of existence, it is an indispensable part of us. But some of the daily eating habits and living habits are likely to cause damage to the liver, over time will let the liver problems, affect our health. So, from now on, drink some water to nourish the liver tea, a little bit of maintenance of our liver. Pets