Tell your family: 5 kinds of vegetables or “drug master”, less on the table, so as not to damage the liver

As the largest detoxification organ of the human body, the liver carries out more than 500 kinds of chemical reactions every day, which is known as the “chemical factory” of the human body. The disease comes from the mouth, and it is not groundless. The human body needs the liver to secrete bile to decompose a large amount of food every day. Therefore, the liver is extremely vulnerable to damage in daily life. Because the liver does not have pain nerves, it becomes the liver More than 70% of the injured patients will not have any pain reaction, which often leads to liver disease, which is not easy to find. Once examined, it is in the advanced stage. < / P > < p > zucchini is not only cheap, but also a variety of methods, relatively delicious, many people like to eat zucchini, mostly used for stew or stir fry, but many people do not know when making zucchini, if the zucchini is heated too fast, it will release a kind of substance called bingstannine, which will cause body damage and liver disease. < / P > < p > potato is originally a kind of food with high starch content, which not only has a sense of fullness, but also is simple to make and has a unique taste, which many people like to eat. But once you find that potatoes germinate, you should throw them away in time, and never eat them again. There are a lot of solanine in germinated potatoes, which will not only cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, but also damage liver health. < / P > < p > beans are very delicious, especially dry fried beans and other food, not only as cold dishes, often appear on the human table, but also a lot of beans based food, such as beans stewed noodles, etc. if beans are not cooked in life, it will damage the red blood cells and liver coagulation function, bring damage to the liver, hinder the liver excretion Toxic metabolism. < / P > < p > bean sprouts are a kind of food that is easy to rot, so in supermarkets and vegetable markets, in order to protect the freshness of bean sprouts, many businesses will add preservatives or spray some rootless agents on bean sprouts. Therefore, when buying bean sprouts, we must pay attention to observe the freshness of bean sprouts. < / P > < p > there are many ways to make garlic sprouts, and they are very delicious. Many people like to eat them, but the shelf life of garlic sprouts is very short. In order to extend the shelf life of bean sprouts, many businesses will put a lot of preservatives on garlic sprouts. The garlic bolt looks very beautiful and green. However, the preservative contains a lot of formaldehyde, which will not only increase the risk of leukemia, but also damage the liver health. Therefore, when buying garlic sprouts, we must take them up and smell them first. < / P > < p > alcohol and beverages should be reduced in daily life. Because acetaldehyde, a metabolite of alcohol, can damage liver cells, release enzymes such as alanine aminotransferase, which can cause irreversible damage to liver function, and even lead to liver cancer in severe cases. Therefore, in life, we should drink less liquor, red wine, beer, foreign wine, etc. < / P > < p > with the enrichment of materials, people are now eating meat is also very convenient. Therefore, many people like to eat meat, almost every meal must have meat, and often eat meat will lead to liver burden, affect liver synthesis, digestion and other functions, and gradually form liver cirrhosis. < / P > < p > many foods, especially dried fruits, are prone to breed many toxoids after being affected by moisture. So when eating snacks, you find that the dried fruits you buy have become damp. As long as you throw them away in time, otherwise you will eat aflatoxin at the same time, which will damage liver health and cause liver cancer and other diseases. < / P > < p > there has been a long-standing ancient prescription of nourishing liver in traditional Chinese medicine. It can clean up liver poison and nourish liver by tonifying food. It is made from chrysanthemum, cassia seed, honeysuckle, burdock root, wolfberry and other superior natural herbs. Honeysuckle cassia seed tea is recorded in ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions. It can be drunk for a long time to help liver clean up in time Accumulation of garbage and toxins, Shugan Jieyu, reduce the burden on the liver, help the liver to restore health. Information sharing for epilepsy patients