Ten minutes of resistance training every day, improve metabolism, increase muscle and fat, both hands should be hard

With the improvement of today’s material living standard, we will not worry about eating any more. This has become the past style. In the new era, we should consider how to control our obesity, how to strengthen our muscles and how to shape our body shape.

we may not feel the increase in the number of obese people around us. However, according to the latest obesity survey, the number of obese people in China ranks first in the world, reaching an average of 12%. That is to say, one out of ten people is obese. This is definitely not alarmist. I just want to tell you the truth.

don’t hesitate to join the resistance training family, keep exercising every day, stretch your muscles and bones, flex your joints, get rid of the worldly worries, relieve mental fatigue, pursue health and longevity, enjoy a better life, resistance training, you are worth having!

in the end, some people have to ask, what is resistance training, and whether it is a fitness guru who cheated on our fitness Xiaobai and indulged in selfless deception again?

we still have good faith among people. Although we can rest assured, how can we deceive everyone without any reason? If there is any effect, I will know it after practice, so today I will give you a detailed explanation of resistance training, pick up a small bench, weigh up a big watermelon, and watch it quietly.

we can understand that we can train the muscle groups we want to train through some specific equipment and movement difficulty. It is just like that we only let you run. Now we let you run with a piece of wood to add some resistance. When you feel that one is too weak, we will add another one to you and let you have one in each hand. This is called progressive training, which is constantly increasing on the original basis Difficulty.

the advantage of this kind of training is that our muscles can actively and rapidly grow. Otherwise, the body can’t bear such high-intensity training, so our muscles will continue to grow under this constant high pressure; in addition, our own fat will continue to decrease with the exercise, which will achieve our goal of reducing weight and fat.

Why did you say to join the resistance training family? The training of her brother, sister, is not a fixed weight training equipment in her own body.

self weight training is to use our own body weight to do resistance training, such as pull-up, push-up, sit ups and so on. These movements can be practiced, and they are very convenient and can be done anywhere. However, the reason is that the gymnasts prefer to use various kinds of solemn and cool fitness equipment, so it is more convenient Easy to ignore it, so their own weight training is not much public attention.

fixed path equipment training and free weight training have been overtaken by dynamic resistance training after years of development. Compared with the former two, dynamic resistance training has added many advantages. It can bring extra help to our training from the aspects of body balance, speed and sensitive coordination. Therefore, we focus on explaining the effect of dynamic resistance training on our physical training Results the dynamic resistance equipment training is the biggest.

if you are just getting started, you are recommended to practice with elastic band. It is very useful in strengthening muscle strength and endurance, which can prevent the loss of muscle fiber and make the muscle more firm and tight.

the above is the explanation about the action of elastic band. We have already explained these four movements in detail. We found that these four movements are basically group exercises. Why?

because the more times the same action is repeated, the greater the muscle stimulation, but it can’t be repeated all the time. Because our muscles will be tired, we usually take three to four groups, and then there is a 30 second interval between groups. This interval is not arbitrary. Too large a rest interval will affect the effect of training, and too short interval will not relax the muscles. So we should try our best to meet the requirements of our regulations to ensure that we can get To the proper training effect.

in addition, according to such group practice, long-term training will make our muscles exercise, but when our muscles adapt to a certain strength, that is to say, the bottleneck period, the original grouping is not suitable for the growth of muscles. At this time, we have to increase the difficulty and enhance the training intensity, because the individual constitution is different, so It is not listed separately, but if we feel that the same movement is easier and easier than usual, we can increase the difficulty.