Thailand net red liposuction out 8 abdominal muscles! Tell you how dangerous liposuction is! Training your abdominal muscles scientifically

In life, everyone to judge a person’s fitness body training how, the first time will think of this person’s abdominal muscle is good-looking! If a fitness person does not have abdominal muscles, he will be said to practice poorly, and people with abdominal muscles will be admired by everyone! So the abdominal muscles are too important for our fitness crowd! Why are abdominal muscles so attractive? < / P > < p > first of all, if you want to show the abdominal muscles, you need long-term self-discipline, reduce body fat, and you can see the abdominal muscles in a proper range. Secondly, the abdominal muscles will increase a person’s three-dimensional sense, and people with abdominal muscles will look more angular and handsome! So in today’s society, we all want to practice good-looking abdominal muscles! Some people through self-discipline, high-intensity training, to train the perfect abdominal muscles, and some people have embarked on the opposite road to obtain abdominal muscles! There is a man named AOM in Thailand. AOM became popular because he shared his experience and experience of cosmetic surgery on the Internet. He became more and more confident from passers-by to handsome face because of plastic surgery. Will oneself from an ordinary to look at a person who will not remember into a standard handsome boy! Although this face looks uncoordinated, it does not hinder his handsome appearance after plastic surgery! < / P > < p > this time, he prepared to start on his abdomen. He felt that although he had the habit of fitness, he still needed a strict diet to produce abdominal muscles. In addition, his training intensity was not very strong, so it was very difficult to develop abdominal muscles. The abdominal fat was the last stumbling block of his perfection! So after he heard that local liposuction can artificially shape abdominal muscles, he did not hesitate to start his own abdominal shape! The postoperative effect seems to be very successful! < / P > < p > although this abdominal muscle looks as strange as his face, it also achieves his purpose. Do you see that you want to try it? Don’t be too happy too early, liposuction surgery is a high risk factor surgery, in addition, there are many sequelae, next we will talk about the harm of liposuction surgery! < / P > < p > liposuction surgery is not developed to help human beings with machines, so doctors need to extract local fat repeatedly, which requires doctors’ skill and experience is extremely high. As long as there is a bit of error, the amount of extraction on both sides of the limbs will be wrong, which is reflected in the body is asymmetric and uneven skin! < / P > < p > after liposuction, we will have an illusion that I am very thin. The number of fat cells is fixed after adulthood. Fat is because the volume of fat cells increases. Liposuction is to take the fat cells out of the body. The volume of other fat cells does not change. However, after we return to the previous eating habits after liposuction, the remaining fat volume will continue to increase It’s very easy to rebound! < / P > < p > although the wound of liposuction is very small, if the plastic surgeon in the process of operation, excessive liposuction, or rough manipulation, will make the skin instantaneous ischemia, leading to local superficial skin necrosis. If the skin necrosis in large area, it can only be repaired by skin grafting, which will leave a lot of scars to our skin, causing permanent damage! Do you still want to take liposuction? So the “whole” figure is self deception, will accept everyone’s contempt, paper can’t stop fire, whether the muscle is real is easy to see, you’d better be honest in the gym training and control diet! So how should we scientifically, correctly and safely practice the perfect abdominal muscles? < / P > < p > the modern lifestyle leads to the waist and abdomen is always easy to accumulate fat, so we want to practice perfect abdominal muscle, we must reduce the body fat rate as much as possible! The most reliable way to reduce body fat rate is to reduce the intake of calories, that is, to control eating! According to the above requirements, the nutritional ratio of our diet should be high protein, low carbon water, eat more fresh vegetables and appropriate fruits, and reduce the intake of high oil, high sugar and high salt food. Daily guarantee of 300-500kcal heat gap can reduce fat healthily! < / P > < p > after controlling the diet, the body fat rate will gradually decrease, and the abdominal fat will also gradually decrease. At this time, the original shape of the waist and abdomen will gradually appear. At this time, starting targeted resistance training is the most important means to ensure that our Mermaid line and eight abdominal muscles. Long term waist and abdomen training will also increase our muscle content, basic metabolism, and improve our body’s water storage capacity Strength, let us perfect abdominal muscle again! < / P > < p > if we want to have a perfect body, we can achieve it through self-discipline and hard training. If we do it by informal means, there will be many unexpected consequences. Let’s train! A real master always has an apprentice’s heart! I’m Chris. People who pay attention to me are getting better! Focus