Thailand to amend law to allow legal abortion for women within 12 weeks of pregnancy

Thai media reported on November 17 and 18 that the Thai cabinet approved the draft amendment on November 17 to allow abortion for women who are pregnant for less than 12 weeks. According to the proposed amendment, women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant and are seeking to terminate their pregnancies will no longer face legal penalties under the proposed amendment. < p > < p > she also said that the origin of the draft amendment was that on February 19 this year, the Thai constitutional court announced that article 301, which is related to the prohibition of female abortion, violates the provisions of Article 28 on people’s physical autonomy. According to the introduction, article 301 of Thailand forbids abortion, and the maximum penalty for illegal abortion is three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 60000 baht. However, article 305 lists exceptions, including the psychological or physical threat of pregnancy to the mother, the risk of fetal deformity or disability, and pregnancy due to sexual abuse, in which women can have legal abortion. However, the amendment just passed by the cabinet reduces the penalty. In the future, illegal abortion, that is, women who still have abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy will be sentenced to up to six months’ imprisonment and 10000 baht. According to the requirements of the constitutional court, the draft amendment must be passed and come into effect in February 2020. Information sharing for epilepsy patients