“Thank you, I don’t want to drink milk”: a sentence from the parturient made the delivery room laugh, and the doctor blushed

Colleagues just finished their maternity leave in the morning. When they came back to work, they talked about the topic of production. Due to the fact that all the female colleagues around her were born naturally, only in the morning and morning, they were all more curious about what it was like to have a caesarean section. < p > < p > morning morning morning said: “when I had anesthesia, the pain was not painful, but there was still a sense of pulling. But the most embarrassing thing for me is that the doctor’s words at that time are also shameful when I think about it. ” < p > < p > originally, when I was lying on the delivery bed in the morning, I heard the doctor and the nurse say to prepare the milk. At that time, Chenchen thought that the doctor was careful and remembered to prepare milk for her to supplement her physical strength. So she thought in her heart to write a thank you letter to the doctor after giving birth to the child. < p > < p > in less than 2 minutes, I heard the doctor say to the nurse in the morning: “prepare the skin for the puerpera first, and then prepare the milk…” Chen Chen thought that he should be polite, so he said to the doctor, “thank you, doctor. I’m not thirsty. I don’t need milk.” When he finished the whole sentence, the nurse and the doctor gave out a “chuckle”. < / P > < p > instinctively felt that he had made a joke in the morning, and suddenly whispered a word of shame. At this time, the doctor comforted her: “many puerperas have said this sentence, don’t take it to heart. In fact, small milk is just a liquid anesthetic, which is very similar to milk, so we call it” little milk. ” For Chenchen, she thought that the embarrassment would only happen during childbirth, but she didn’t expect to make jokes without anesthesia, which made her want to find a hole in the ground. < / P > < p > in fact, any industry has its own professional terms, which may be very strange to outsiders, which is also a normal phenomenon. Especially for the production of this easy to feel nervous maternal, if you do not do some basic “jargon” work, it is likely to make jokes. < / P > < p > during childbirth, a puerpera will be extremely nervous about everything the doctor says, for fear that something will happen to her. I’ve heard several friends say that they’ve heard the saying “the cervical tube is gone” when they’re lying in bed. You know, literally, this sentence can easily cause panic. After all, the word “no” refers to the occurrence of bad things. In fact, “the cervical tube is gone” is just a kind of small signal during the delivery period, which means that the maternal can begin to produce. < / P > < p > during the period of expectant labor, doctors check the opening of the uterine orifice from time to time. Under normal circumstances, the delivery begins when the patient reaches ten fingers. But the maternal constitution is different, their uterine opening speed is also fast and slow, if too slow will lead to rapid loss of amniotic fluid, which has a great impact on fetal development. Basically, people who have watched TV plays have heard the word “open ten fingers”. Indeed, for pregnant women, the diameter of their cervix opening is generally estimated with fingers. If the cervix has been dilated to the size of ten fingers, this will allow the fetus to pass through the birth canal smoothly and quickly. However, mothers should not be too worried and embarrassed. In fact, doctors will wear sterile gloves when testing the cervix, and every mother will experience this experience, so there is no need to feel pressure. < / P > < p > maybe many puerperas don’t know the meaning of skin preparation. In fact, skin preparation mainly means to clean the skin with hair, which mainly refers to shaving the hair at YD. Some mothers may think that strangers will be extremely embarrassing, but in fact, both men and women are patients in front of doctors, so mothers need not be too nervous. < / P > < p > before giving birth, the puerpera must prepare the waiting bag and put some necessary objects in place, such as clothes for mother and children, toiletries, baby’s diaper, milk bottle, medical record book, etc. In addition, pregnant women also need to prepare some energy supplement food, such as red bull, chocolate, etc., to facilitate the pregnant mother to supplement energy at critical time. < / P > < p > before delivery, the puerpera will face a variety of examinations, such as cervix examination. At this time, if the puerpera wears pants and takes off, it is easy to consume physical strength. Therefore, for the sake of convenience, you can wear a skirt that is convenient to wear and take off, so as to save time and some steps, and make the maternal body more relaxed. < / P > < p > pregnant women should not use their force in childbirth. They must follow the doctor’s instructions, which can not only produce quickly but also save physical strength. In addition, production is a matter that consumes physical strength, so mothers can eat more and accumulate physical strength before giving birth, so that production will have more sufficient spirit. HEALTHY LIFE