That’s amazing! Black head need not squeeze! “Tear off” stubborn blackhead with one application for 3 minutes. Nose is white and slippery

In the fourth season, Jina and Lang Lang are invited to get along with each other so sweetly that many people even call them “sticky cake couple”. The most special thing about them is their “nose tip kiss”. They are restrained and intimate. When sister Bo looks at it, she can feel sweet. She can’t help but see the scream of a rat on the screen. It’s so sweet!!

Gina looks thin and small, but her strength is not small. Lang Lang’s face is deformed. They are ridiculed by the barrage. It’s really their noses that dare to touch them.

speaking of this, I have to say that Gina’s nose is too superior. The base of her nose is high, the mountain root is very solid, and the fluctuation of nasal bone is very smooth. It can be said that she is a famous nose.

take a look at yourself. Sometimes I really feel that life is very difficult. It is not easy to eliminate acne and blackheads. And blackhead is really super beautiful, close look at the face black spots always feel dirty nose.

not only girls, but also boys are the hardest hit area! Black head problem is repeated: try to squeeze by hand, pick with tweezers or even rub with baking soda. After cleaning for less than 3 days, black head occupies the nose again

if you do this, your pores will be enlarged or your skin will become red. The bacteria on the hands contaminate the pores, and the crisis of acne is not worth the loss.

we have to uproot blackheads! And then the pores that are propped up by blackheads are “closed”, which is the best solution to win the blackhead! The pores are clean, the outside dust is gone, the blackhead will not come again naturally, and the skin is as white and slippery as the peeled egg!

the nasal mask introduced today is a good choice. Once you apply it, tear it and apply it, you can pull up the black head and white head by the root! It is from the star domestic brand bytrees Beatrice, a brand-new upgraded black head removing small green bottle set for tea tree. It can effectively remove blackhead, and it is gentle and does not hurt the skin. After 3 minutes, the stubborn blackhead will disappear.

this brand of Beatrice is classified as the domestic “black head harvester” delayed by the price. This is not really my exaggeration about rainbow fart, because there are always people who dislike that they are cheap. As a result, they will know when they are used. 12 years focus on fine pore care, three national patents escort repair, on two words: easy to use! The nose is white and clean and smooth!

it is worthy of being promoted by actor Jin Han, Polaris sister Emma Dumont, Hunan Satellite TV and other star media.

step 1: clean the nose and brush a layer of tea tree liquid nasal mask on the nose. The bottle of liquid nasal mask has its own brush head, which can be applied to all corners of the nose completely, and it can save the amount of water and won’t touch hands. It is very convenient.

wait for 5-10 minutes. After the nasal membrane is dry, tear off the nasal mask paper from both sides. You can see the dense black head, white head are glued to the nasal membrane paper, even uprooted.

third step: astringent pores, rinse with water, and finally dip the tea tree essence into the nose to help reduce the excess oil on the skin surface and converge pores.

if you insist on using it, your nose will become smoother and more delicate. That’s amazing! Black head need not squeeze! One application one application 3 minutes “tear” off stubborn black head, nose white and slippery.

if you buy two sets, you can reduce 10 yuan, only 166 yuan, and you can calculate it as only ¥ 83 / set! A box can be used about 90 times, average to a blackhead only 9.2! Say goodbye to strawberry nose, now! Order now!

this time we recommend the brand new upgrade version. Oh, anyone who saw the ugly nail polish packaging design was gone. Instead of it, it was a super essential oil package of feel.

this tea tree goes to the black head essence box, does not add any stimulation ingredient, the sensitive muscle also can safely use. It is also a medical and American grade single product from aseptic production line. All components have been tested professionally and meet the standard.

more than 1000 + independent sales counters have been set up in the supermarket chains of aeon, Wanning and guangbai, which has become one of the hot selling star brands in South China, and has been the champion in cosmetics category of Yongwang chain system for many years. That’s amazing! Black head need not squeeze! One application one application 3 minutes “tear” off stubborn black head, nose white and slippery.

dredge pores, remove blackhead, resist oxygen and suppress black, regulate balance, with a set of cypress! Exclusive price: 88, 2 sets: 166, buy it quickly ~=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Focus