The 14-year-old boy was blackmailed 150000 yuan by 20-year-old Internet users for fear that his parents would know that he would spend money on playing games

“You dare to spend money to play games, I want to tell your mother,” this sentence became a handle, let Zhejiang Taizhou City Huangyan District 14-year-old boy Xiaoshan was 20-year-old netizens “look through the water” extort more than 150000 yuan in half a year. < p > < p > on August 24, the surging news learned from Huangyan police that Zhang, who is only six years older than Xiaoshan and has a network name of “looking through the autumn water”, was detained by the police for extortion, and the case is still under investigation.

during the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in February, the junior middle school students spent time online and playing games. Because he was just playing and his level was too low, Xiaoshan was often bullied by other players in the game, so he considered buying an advanced game account. < / P > < p > the account number of the seller with the online name of “looking through the autumn water” meets the requirements of Xiaoshan, and the two sides decide to trade through wechat after determining the price and other details. However, later, Xiaoshan found that the account provided by the other party was not the account he had originally seen, so he refused to pay and changed the password of the game account. < / P > < p > “I really have the account you like, but I have to prevent you from taking the account number and changing the password without paying. So, I’ll give you a fake first. You see, you just did that. You believe me, as long as you call me, I will give you the real account right away. ” “Looking through the autumn water” said the reason for cheating Xiaoshan, but Xiaoshan didn’t believe it and was still unwilling to pay. < p > < p > a few days later, Xiaoshan contacted with “looking through the autumn water” again and proposed to trade on the regular second-hand trading platform. “Looking through the autumn water” agrees and agrees to release transaction information with Xiaoshan’s account number. Since Xiaoshan had never used the platform, he gave his wechat account and password to “look through the water” and ask him to help him apply for the platform account and complete the follow-up operation. < / P > < p > after logging into Xiaoshan’s wechat, “looking through the autumn water” did not carry out transaction related operations, but wrote down the mobile phone numbers of his mother, grandmother and other family members in the wechat, and threatened Xiaoshan with “I have your mother and grandmother’s numbers in my hand. I advise you not to play tricks, or I will tell them about your money to play games”. Xiaoshan was afraid that his family would know about his money to play games, so he quickly transferred 1200 yuan to “looking through the autumn water”. This is just the beginning. Since then, “looking through the autumn water” will use the same reason to threaten Xiaoshan to transfer money to himself every few days, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. During this period, Xiaoshan tried to delete and blackmail the wechat of “looking forward to seeing through the autumn” to solve the matter, but the other party threatened Xiaoshan to continue to transfer money to himself by constantly changing wechat and QQ. After giving his lucky money and living expenses, Xiaoshan began to secretly use his mother’s mobile phone to continue to transfer money to each other. < p > < p > on July 15, Xiaoshan’s mother accidentally found that her bank card was less than 100000 yuan, and she found that it was transferred to a strange account through her mobile phone. After asking Xiaoshan about the whole story, he took Xiaoshan to the Xinqian police station of Huangyan District Public Security Bureau. < p > < p > after more than a month’s forensic investigation, the police confirmed the identity of the suspect. Zhang, 20 years old, is from Liupanshui, Guizhou Province. He was recently arrested from his hometown. After interrogation, Zhang confessed to the facts of the crime. CUISINE&HEALTH