The 2-year-old boy took a ride alone from Guangxi to Guangdong, but no one noticed

On October 31, Ms. Zeng took an online taxi to Guangdong from Cenxi, Guangxi. There are two young people in the front row, a 2-year-old boy in the back row, and Ms. Zeng is also in the back row. Along the way, the children are very clever. They don’t cry or make noise. Out of good intentions, Ms. Zeng teases the children with snacks from time to time. Until she arrives at the destination, she discovers that something is wrong. “I thought the child was the driver, so I said,” young man, your little friend may need to urinate. You can take him to urinate, and take him to my house for a drink of water. The driver said that the children are not mine, not yours, Auntie? ” < p > < p > after finding something wrong, Ms. Zeng took the child home and settled down. At the same time, she asked her son to call the police for help. At more than 12:00 p.m., the peak police station of Yuncheng district, Guangdong Province, immediately came to Ms. Zeng’s home to verify the child’s identity, and contacted Cenxi police in Guangxi to check the children’s whereabouts through monitoring video. < / P > < p > the police contacted the parents of the lost children through Cenxi police in Guangxi. They learned that the mother, grandfather and uncle of the child were working in Yaogu Town, Yuncheng district. At that time, they were ready to rush back to Cenxi, Guangxi to look for the children. After receiving the police’s notice, the child’s mother arrived at the peak police station at 2:00 p.m. that day to collect the child. The police said, “the child was originally taken by his grandmother to play near a community in Guangxi, and then he was found missing. At that time, the passengers didn’t know how the children got on the bus. When the car started, he sat in the back row and played Luanban