The 20-year-old girl in flower season should pay attention to these three bad habits, otherwise it is too late to regret

Introduction: from menarche to menstruation, women should accompany with menstruation for decades, in such a long time, we will have more, less, early, late, and so on to produce a variety of different degrees of anxiety. Whether menstruation is normal or not really reflects our health. Generally, when women are very young, they will be educated by their mothers about the matters needing attention during menstruation, such as what should be eaten and what should not be eaten, and heavy work should not be done. < / P > < p > indeed, if we take care of ourselves during menstruation, we can get twice the result with half the effort. If we do not pay attention during menstruation, it may cause a lot of hidden dangers to our body. So, what problems should we women pay attention to during menstruation, and how to better maintain our body? Today, Xiaobian will tell you about it. < / P > < p > during menstruation, many women will suffer from dysmenorrhea, and in severe cases, they will sweat all over and turn white. May also roll in bed, of course, there are mild dysmenorrhea. Anyway, we must take good care of ourselves during menstruation. Most of the stomachache in physiological period is caused by palace cold, so we must pay attention to keep warm. Drink plenty of hot water. When you are in bed, you can put a warm baby in your abdomen. If it’s summer, you can cover your abdomen with a thin quilt. You can also soak your feet in hot water. As long as you warm your body, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. In fact, even if not during menstruation, women should also pay attention to keep warm. < / P > < p > our body will be weak during menstruation, we need to ensure adequate rest and try not to do strenuous exercise. Such as long-distance cycling, running, playing basketball and so on, these sports will aggravate dysmenorrhea. We can choose some gentle exercises, such as yoga, stretching and so on. These sports can let our body get stretch, also can alleviate our mood. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that physiological period is the best period to eliminate congestion, dampness and turbidity in the body. It is better not to over diet during this period. If the nutrition is not reached, it is easy to cause serious consequences of menstruation, menstruation reduction and even amenorrhea. So during menstruation we should pay attention to give their body adequate nutrition. Menstrual period will enter the best period of weight loss, when we are losing weight, it is not too late. < / P > < p > women with menstrual blood loss should eat more food to replenish blood and protein and minerals. Like mutton, chicken, liver, etc. Among them, jujube, longan, wolfberry and brown sugar should also be eaten more. Jujube contains a large number of sugars, calcium, iron, is good for nourishing qi and blood. Longan is a kind of warm food, which can improve the deficiency of cold constitution and deficiency of Qi and blood. Lycium barbarum can nourish yin and blood, eyesight and liver. In modern times, wolfberry soaking in water has become a healthy attitude towards life. < / P > < p > now people’s life is under great pressure and the pace is fast. If you don’t have the time and energy to buy and eat these one by one, we can also have a cup of red and warm tea. This warm tea is specially made for women, including the red dates, longans, wolfberry that we need most. During menstruation or at ordinary times, we can make a cup of warm health tea to drink. It can not only nourish our body, but also let us experience the tenderness of life. Conclusion: in modern society, there are more and more demands on women. We should not only take good care of our family, but also work well. Of course, this also means that we have a broader stage and more stage to show ourselves. Before we do all of our identities, we must treat ourselves and our bodies gently and carefully. Let’s have a healthy body and a warm life. Skip to content