The 24-year-old young mother was afraid of pain and insisted on having a baby by caesarean section. She shook her head when she saw the child’s head

In the era of no cesarean section, maternal childbirth can be said to be a life and death, once encountering dystocia, it is really a realistic choice whether to keep big or small. However, the prevalence of caesarean section, < / P > < p > is it right or wrong to choose caesarean section just for the sake of less suffering? Presumably, different people will have different views, even the same person, before and after giving birth to children, will have different views. < / P > < p > there is a Baoma mother born after 95, who gave birth to a big fat boy only two months ago. Although Baoma is only 24 years old this year, the doctor said that her physical condition can be natural birth, but she was worried that she could not bear the severe pain of natural birth, so she insisted on a cesarean section. < p > < p > as for the choice of mode of delivery, doctors usually can only make suggestions, not make decisions, unless it is an emergency, so she finally chose cesarean section according to her requirements. < p > < p > after the birth of the child, Baoma was glad that she had made the right choice. Although the anesthetic did hurt a little, she could still endure it. Compared with the pain of her cousin’s natural childbirth she witnessed, it was much lighter. However, a few days later, the young Baoma began to regret, because the baby who was born less than one week had respiratory tract infection. After examination, the doctor told her that it had something to do with caesarean section. The reason is that the baby who had been delivered by caesarean section did not have to be squeezed by the birth canal, and there was more effusion in the lungs, so it was easy to be infected. After hearing this, Bao’s mother looked at her child, shook her head and said, “Mom, I’m sorry for you. You’ve suffered all your life.” Since then, she has no longer respected caesarean section, but regret the original decision. < p > < p > more than ten years ago, cesarean section was once popular in China, because this mode of delivery can choose the baby’s birthday, and it can also reduce the pain of pregnant women. However, in recent years, the state has begun to limit the indicators of cesarean section. The reason is that although cesarean section is beneficial, its disadvantages are obvious. One of the biggest defects is that the babies born are not as resistant as natural babies, and they are prone to diseases during their infancy. This is because the newborn in the birth canal, will be infected with some of the bacteria, these flora, is very helpful to enhance immunity. < / P > < p > the second advantage of natural birth is that the newborn’s respiratory tract is healthier. The reason has been mentioned in the above case, that is, the baby after the birth canal extrusion, a large number of effusion in the lungs, so that the respiratory tract is more healthy, reduce the risk of infection. In contrast, cesarean section of the baby’s lungs on a lot of fluid, the risk of subsequent infection. This is the biggest difference between natural delivery and cesarean section, and it is also the fundamental reason why doctors don’t advise pregnant women to choose caesarean section. < p > < p > the sense organs of natural birth babies are also more mature than those of cesarean section babies. This is because when the fetus passes through the birth canal, the skull is seriously squeezed, which will form positive stimulation on the brain, accelerate the blood circulation inside and promote the development of sensory organs. Of course, the fetus from the mouth of the uterus to the birth canal will only go through a short period of time, so the addition in this respect is very small. < / P > < p > the above are the three advantages of natural birth over cesarean section. After understanding these advantages, I believe that those mothers to be who choose cesarean section simply because of fear of pain will surely change their mind. < / P > < p > in fact, if you are just afraid of pain, you can consider adding money for painless childbirth, which is also a popular way in developed countries. Of course, in some special cases, doctors will also recommend cesarean section, because some women will face great risks. During the birth examination, if the fetal position is seriously abnormal, for the sake of insurance, we can only choose caesarean section. General doctors will also give maternal warning, in this case, it is recommended that we do not go against the doctor’s wishes, otherwise it is not responsible for themselves and the baby. < / P > < p > in addition to the abnormal fetal position, dystocia can also be caused by the fetal head being too large or the maternal pelvis too small. Therefore, these two cases, generally also to take cesarean section. < / P > < p > there are also some women who had a natural birth, but had a sudden situation during delivery, so that they could only have emergency antegrade section. At this time, it is impossible for the mother to make the decision. After all, it is very important to protect life. In a word, cesarean section is an advanced technology and has saved many maternal and neonatal lives. But this technology is not suitable for every pregnant woman, especially those who are in good health and can give birth naturally. Although it will make the mother suffer more, the benefits to the child are huge. < / P > < p > I believe that every pregnant mother who understands the benefits will definitely choose natural childbirth. After all, there is no mother who does not want her children to be smart and healthy. HEALTHY LIFE