The 3 mistake of LA MER cream is that emulsification is not in it. You may just use too much.

Speaking of it, LA MER cream is probably the originator of “Lady frost”. For the first time, the Chinese people know that the cream can be sold to thousands of ocean. It is probably the blessing of the La Mer.

put in the skin care market today, although there are also some of the high-end products of time-honored products such as vemilin’s cream, such as the high-end products of the double sisters, can be priced at 1000 yuan a tank. But they used the price of 1000 yuan to write the cream cream more than ten years ago.

the question is, how many people are attracted to la Mer, how many people question it. How many people make complaints about her ability to repair, how many people can’t use it properly.

but what is interesting is that once someone says that LA MER cream is not easy to use, the comment area will find “you are not emulsifying”.

, whenever consumers feel bad about using LA MER cream, they are accused of being “emulsified”. If so, they don’t know who is the initiator, but in fact, LA MER cream is not easy to use. It has little to do with emulsification.

from the LA MER cream with the fire “emulsification” after the operation, there are a lot of noble cream from time to time to use the word “emulsification”, but on their official website can not see this statement.

, a strong face cream, has extremely high moisture retention ability and can prevent the invasion of external substances and protect the skin from losing moisture.

if you need strong moisturizing and isolation from external pollution, such as skin damage, sebaceous gland damage, extremely cold / hot areas, it is suitable to use the method of temperature melting.

if the skin has inflammatory and oily skin, it is more suitable to use essential oil to melt. But it should be noted that this method of use is equivalent to “folk folklore” and is not official guidance, because it will change the efficacy and nature of the cream itself. The miraculous repair effect of

LA MER cream is not due to the mysterious power of a small amount of seaweed, but also to its super strength.

mineral oil, petrolatum, microcrystalline wax, paraffin wax and lanolin alcohol are all ingredients with strong sealing properties, and it is also because they need to be softened first and then put on the face.

there are also many vegetable oils that have both moisturizing and moisturizing properties, so they are extremely strong in sealing and not suitable for some people – inflammatory skin and oily skin with excessive sebaceous gland secretion. If

skin is infected by bacterial infection, if the cream is too strong, it will create a breeding environment for anaerobic bacteria. So acne skin is also the same, no inflammation of acne muscle using LA MER cream may be repaired, but inflammatory acne will become aggravated.

and sebaceous glands secrete too exuberant skin, this does not need a strong face cream to moisturize. This excessive moisture will make sebum in the enclosed environment become the soil of acne bacteria, even if it does not grow smallpox, it can be stuffy.

, therefore, some people are not suitable for using LA MER cream, such as inflammatory skin, as well as allergic to mineral oil, mineral ester, and lanolin. They are emulsifying the face cream, and their face will still get worse and worse.

if you have read the tutorial of LA MER CEO demonstration in person, you will find that there are 2 misunderstandings for most consumers to use LA MER cream. The reason for

is that it is a very strong face cream. A thin film can protect the skin from external damage. Do you think you need to apply more to absorb nutrients? It doesn’t exist.

the so-called “emulsification” does not use the palm of the hand, but refers to the abdomen. In fact, all the cream that needs to be softened is to use the belly button instead of the palm, and then press it to the face with the power of the fingers.

, then the skin temperature will further soften the face cream. You can feel the thin skin of the epidermis, so that you can massage the face.

if the skin itself is seriously short of water, but directly uses a strong sealing product “water locking”, it will also produce “inverted drying” because it is isolated from the moisture of the outside world.

although skin moisture is mainly absorbed from the body, if the skin lacks hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalane and other water storage substances, it is impossible to capture enough water from the body to skin cells.

either give up the LA MER cream and choose the Bose cream that nourishes dry skin. Before using the LA MER cream, choose the product of scalp absorption rate to replenish the water storage substance in the skin, moisten the skin, and then use the face cream to lock the moisture in time.

La Mer essence cream, apart from its strong sealing ability, contains mainly algae extract, glycerol, pan alcohol, nicotinic acid, beta carotene, and chemical constituents in vegetable oils.

panthenol can relieve moisture and promote wound healing, nicotinic acid can promote skin cell proliferation and oxidation resistance, inhibit melanin accumulation, and β – carotene can resist oxidation and eliminate free radicals.

and the essence of La Mer cream, La Mer essence cream and other different texture, is to maintain effective ingredients basically unchanged, weakened the closure, suitable for different skin types of people.

Finally, we suggest that when you have problems in purchasing skin care products or using skin care products, do not blindly search the Internet for answers. You can find more reliable answers by looking at the official instructions in the manual. 08/16/2020