The 3-year-old was fed 70 kg by his parents. It’s time for the anchor “baby soldier”

Peiqi, a 3-year-old “eating sow”, was fed 70 kg by his parents. The 6-year-old boy watched him practice walking steel wire with blindfolded eyes under his father’s planning In recent years, “alternative” minor anchor has been exposed repeatedly, causing heated public opinion. < / P > < p > recently, the state cyber information office, together with relevant departments, drafted a proposal that “if the live marketing personnel or live broadcasting room operators are natural persons, they should be at least 16 years old.” According to the experts interviewed, the draft provides legal compliance for the protection of minor anchors. At the same time, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minor anchors, parents need to reflect on their own values, as well as the joint efforts of schools, platforms and relevant government departments. < / P > < p > in recent years, there are more and more young anchors on live and short video platforms. They attract attention by selling cute, performing jokes and drying stunts, and some of them even become money making tools for their parents. < / P > < p > in addition to Peiqi and Wang, some minors choose to be “Internet red”. For example, on a short video platform, a 12-year-old boy is a 12-year-old boy who sucks 550000 powder by various funny stories. His family members say that all short videos are taken and cut by the children themselves. As long as he can finish his homework on time, the family will not intervene much. Cao Hui, a psychological counselor in the Department of child and adolescent psychology at Anding Hospital in Tianjin, said that children’s idols are changing from singers and stars to game anchors and “Internet celebrities”. Some children even take this as their career planning. < / P > < p > the reporter also saw children’s models on some short video platforms. For example, the short video account of a child model has more than 1.87 million fans, and the wechat “personal signature” is “XX XX – boy model”. Up to now, the account has released more than 210 short videos. < p > < p > the minor anchor “does everything possible” to gain attention, and some people in the legal profession are worried about this. Li Jiaze, a lawyer from Sichuan fabang law firm, believes that short video and live broadcasting are new things, and the relevant laws and regulations are not sound enough. In addition, the live broadcast has a strong demonstration. Once the society “sees nothing strange” to the minor anchors who “perform” such as Xiao Peiqi, it may lead to a wider range of juvenile protection anomie. It is very necessary and timely to publish the draft for soliciting opinions. < / P > < p > some parents try their best to make their children become “Internet celebrities”, most of which are driven by economic interests. Generally speaking, at present, the main modes of making profits as anchors are carrying goods, commercial cooperation, fans “brushing gifts” and so on. The premise is to have enough popularity, which inevitably leads to the problem of excessive “development”. < / P > < p > – take goods. Many minor anchor’s account number will carry goods through the “commodity window”, and some accounts will also indicate “the same clothes in the window”. At the same time, some minor anchors play a “drainage” role. Some short video accounts also have wechat accounts with goods, such as selling toothpaste, tea and other commodities, and establishing group buying groups. < / P > < p > – business cooperation. Some minor anchor’s account number is attached with the contact information of business cooperation. However, if you want to add business cooperation micro signal, the audit is more strict. Some accounts also require the other party to provide the company name, otherwise it will not pass. Business cooperation can be divided into online and offline cooperation. Online cooperation mainly includes advertising placement and delivery, while offline cooperation is doing children’s models and performing performances. For example, a 4-year-old “online celebrity” with more than 1.4 million fans has joined a variety show recently. < / P > < p > — fans “brush gifts”. Minor anchor is mainly to release short video, but fans can also bring income by brushing gifts during live broadcast. In addition, when the number of fans in the short video account reaches a certain amount, the account can be traded. According to the reporter, some anchors sell short video accounts with a certain number of fans in the circle of friends. < p > < p > experts say that the over exploitation of minors’ anchors not only violates the law of minors’ growth and development, but also causes resentment to their parents and grows up in a contradictory state of mind; over exposure of children’s life will make them excessively dependent on other people’s attention and praise, and hinder their integration into real life. The protection of their legitimate rights and interests requires the joint efforts of the whole society. < / P > < p > first of all, parents should reflect on their own values. They should not let their children be exposed too early or forced to perform for the sake of fame and wealth, or even damage their physical and mental health. Song Yu, an assistant researcher at the Institute of sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and others believe that industry associations and competent departments should strengthen supervision and make clear regulations on the time, place and content of relevant shooting. It is strictly forbidden to force or violence children, strictly prevent adverse economic acts against children, and earnestly safeguard children’s legitimate rights and interests. Secondly, give full play to the power of the school. Cao Hui and others suggested that schools and teachers should be aware of the impact of short video and live broadcast on minors in time, and correctly guide minors how to win attention and obtain friendship. < / P > < p > thirdly, the platform should strengthen the audit of minors’ participation in live broadcasting, and clarify the supervision responsibility. Yan Sanzhong, vice president of the school of political science and law of Jiangxi Normal University, believes that when minors participate in the live broadcast, the platform has the obligation to carry out corresponding audit, and the account number that infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of minors should be sealed. If the child’s behavior is serious, it should be investigated if it violates the protection principle. Finally, the government law enforcement departments should take the responsibility of protecting the rights and interests of minors. In addition to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of minors, Li Jiaze believes that in addition to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of minors, the public security authorities and the authorities in charge of culture should not intervene in time. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!