The 64 year old granny is like a girl! Xiaoao bodybuilding magazine! Why can fitness go against the age?

When we see a person at the age of 64, we usually think that this is an old man, whether it is a grandfather or a grandmother. Today, we are going to talk about a 64 year old grandmother, but she is different from other grandmothers. She is a lady with a girl’s body, delicate face and can be published in the fitness magazine! < p > < p > the frozen Age Fitness goddess, Jang reao, is from South Korea and is 64 years old. There is no trace of age on her face, and her figure is not like a woman of this age! The photo with her son in bodybuilding magazine was mistaken for a couple, which made her and her son very proud! < p > < p > with her practical actions, she told everyone that age is only a number, which does not affect my mother’s beauty! A lot of people want to know how the 64 year old granny Li has such a tight skin and her figure is convex and backward? It is her secret to insist on high-intensity fitness training all year round! < p > < p > but 30 years ago, she was not like this. 30 years ago, she had a serious car accident, which led to the severed arm and nerve necrosis of shoulder. After rescue, her arm could not be lifted too high for several years, let alone exercise! During the treatment, more nutrition supplement, unable to continue to exercise and growing age, her metabolism continued to decrease, her weight increased, her figure also kept losing shape, and she could reach 160 Jin at the heaviest time! And suffer from some health problems caused by obesity! < / P > < p > her son has been exercising with his mother since childhood, and later became a professional fitness coach. Looking at the declining health of her mother, her mother can’t bear to do something for her! So she began to take her fitness, and our buttock grandmother also said that her old injury doesn’t matter! Cooperate with my son! At the beginning, the old injury was painful and her physical strength was weak. She could only persist for 10 minutes. However, with her son’s careful guidance and her own cooperation, she could slowly practice for an hour, and developed the habit of going to the gym four times a week! < / P > < p > reduce muscle loss once a woman is over 25 years old, her muscle is losing at a rate of 5% every ten years. At the same time, the basic metabolism will also decrease with the loss of muscle! This will make us more prone to obesity, and lack of muscle support, skin will lack luster and elasticity, and the body’s ability to store water will be greatly reduced. And fitness can help us resist aging by reducing the loss of our muscles through the stimulation of stress on muscles! < / P > < p > increase bone density. With the increase of age, bones will become more fragile and porous. This is because bone will continue to lose with age, making our bones more vulnerable to orthopedic diseases. Experimental science has proved that fitness is more conducive to maintaining bone mass, and the tenacity of bones precisely represents whether a person is young or not ! < / P > < p > improving immune capacity diseases can make a person aging very quickly, and the stronger the immune capacity, the stronger our ability to fight against diseases and anti-aging! Fitness can increase the ability of the immune system in a short time, and greatly enhance the activity of immune cells. And long-term moderate exercise can greatly improve the ability of immune system. < / P > < p > after one year’s fitness, your figure will change a lot; after three years of fitness, your peers are getting older, but you are still energetic; if you have been exercising for 10 years, then your age is just a number! PARRENT&CHILDREN