The 9-year-old “wanghongmeng baby” makes up every day and has no study time. After removing her make-up, she is very sad

I do not know from when, net red gradually became a derogatory word. Tiktok is a kind of innovation rather than a kind of innovation, which is what many people think. Net red is a kind of follow suit. Some net red is very useful, but then more Kwai hung is only known to imitate. Recently, the net red baby is popular. They feel that they can make money by shaking their hands and fast, and why they want to read books? More and more children believe that as long as they become Internet Celebrities, they will give up their dreams. They mistakenly think that the things that make them happy are easy to get and don’t need to make hard efforts. This is a poison to their thoughts. There is no such thing in the world that we can get something for nothing. We can only get something back by making efforts.

there are so many Internet Celebrities nowadays. For example, Feng Timo, nanbo’er and daimeier XIAOBAWANG are all more experienced Internet Celebrities, but today we are going to talk about a very small “Internet celebrity baby”. Pei Jiaxin is a good-looking and popular online baby. At the age of nine, she has tens of millions of fans and her business activities are busy. Nowadays, Pei Jiaxin is so busy that many people want to invite her, but she is so busy that she doesn’t even have time to study. Moreover, every time she attends an activity or appears, Pei Jiaxin is busy Can make up, many people began to wonder, only nine years old to make up really good for children?

this is actually a very bad behavior. Children’s skin itself has a lot of collagen, and the skin looks very perfect. If you use too much cosmetics, it will hurt her skin. But the most embarrassing thing is Pei Jiaxin after removing the make-up. I didn’t expect that the difference in appearance was so big. After removing the makeup, I really can’t recognize it at all. If I didn’t look carefully, I don’t think it was Pei Jiaxin in the first reaction, and many true love fans said they were scared after watching it. It turns out that there is such a big gap after children’s makeup removal.

recently, there was a question about “what do you want to be when you grow up”. The answer of a girl in grade one of junior high school made the parents tongue tied. Obviously, the popular phenomenon of Internet celebrity in recent years is not only linked with the Internet, but also has a subtle influence on many young people and has become a social and cultural phenomenon. When the investigators asked why they wanted to be online celebrities, many of them gave the answer: “because it’s easy to make money online, online celebrities don’t need to work hard. They can make money by shooting videos.”.

it must be wrong to think that the success of online celebrities is only a small number of people. Just like the pyramid, there are few people who can stand on the top of the tower. For example, Li Jiaqi, the first brother of lipstick who created the miracle of carrying goods, brought 100 million yuan of goods overnight. However, people only saw that he made a lot of money, but they didn’t see his devastated lips smeared and smeared in a live broadcast, not to mention working 16 hours a day and working all year round. When a child’s goal and ideal is locked in the net red, at least it indicates that the child’s cognition may have been biased. It is obvious that the child has not thought independently when expressing this idea.

we are really far away, but now there are Internet celebrities all around us. To be an Internet celebrity is to attract attention. However, when Zhong Nanshan and Li Wenliang were the Internet Celebrities admired by the whole people, they were the models of respecting their duties and dedication. Although they were not stars, they set off a heated discussion on the Internet. Children’s cognition of online celebrity is only to become “famous and make money”, which is not desirable. Internet celebrities with positive energy values need children to imitate and revere.

online celebrities can make money and have a high popularity. These are the things children yearn for. In their eyes, these things seem easy to get, but is it really so? One sided view of problems may be a common problem of children, but it is for this reason that parents should focus on strengthening the education of children’s view of problems in the process of family education. In view of this problem, parents should continue to use the method of scene description to guide their children, find out the real case behind the Internet popularity, and explain it to the children, so that the children can see that it costs a lot to become an Internet star, and that pie won’t fall from the sky, and not everyone can be popular.

online celebrity may be the ideal of children at present, but this idea will change with the growth of age. As parents, they should emphasize the importance of their studies. Education is the key to success, and focusing on learning is the best choice at present. On both sides of the Changjiang River, Luo Yonghao, a former anchor of the tiktok platform, was formerly a famous teacher and founder of hammer technology. “Lao Luo quotes” is a popular trend in the north and south of the river. It became famous before becoming a net red. When net red was just one of many choices, the learning experience and social experience undoubtedly gave him a lot of bonus.

today’s junior high school children will soon enter the second year of junior high school, and the biggest challenge will be polarization in learning. Children can only study at home during the epidemic period. In addition to learning, watching live broadcast, playing games and brushing short videos become their ways of relaxation and entertainment. However, polarization will be shaped in the second year of junior high school. In the face of the coming polarization, is the knowledge of junior one firmly grasped? Is it too yearning for online celebrities?

therefore, parents must give their children the correct guidance, please accompany the children more, do not let the network red take the children’s values biased, do not let the network red hurt our next generation. 08/16/2020