The 90 cm “pocket” girl refused to listen to the doctor’s advice and insisted on having a baby. After the baby was born, the whole family regretted it

After choosing to form a family, every couple hopes to nurture the crystal of love together and have a smart and lovely baby. But not all women have the right to be mothers.

there is a 90 cm tall pocket girl on the Internet. Because she is born with dwarfism and brittle bone disease, she is told by the doctor that it is best not to have a baby. It will not only cause a lot of troubles to her life, but also may inherit brittle bone disease to her children. In the face of such a bad fact, the couple still chose to be pregnant.

it can be imagined that the weak body has to bear the increasing weight during pregnancy, and life should be extra careful. If it is not careful, it will fracture and threaten life safety. After

, the child was born smoothly, but was diagnosed with brittle bone disease. The whole family was silent and fell into sadness. The couple can’t help regretting that they didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice to have a baby. Now the whole family is in great pain. Is this decision right?

I have to say that this pocket girl is very great. Compared with other pregnant women, she bears more pressure and pain during pregnancy, and her strong endurance is admirable, but this kind of courage is not desirable.

before having a child, both husband and wife need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination to check the hidden danger of disease. We also need to ask the family if they have a genetic history, which needs to be reported to the doctor in advance, so as to understand the health of the children in the future. If you find that there are small problems in your body, you should adjust it in time, improve your diet structure, adjust your work and rest habits, ensure adequate rest, quit smoking and drinking, and persist in doing moderate exercise.

in addition to these, we should choose the best childbearing age, which can improve the quality of childbearing. Generally, the best childbearing age for women is between 23 and 30 years old, and that for men is between 30 and 35 years old. So couples need to plan in advance to have children, try to choose at the right age for pregnancy, eugenics.

although the State encourages the birth of a second child, baopa and Baoma still have to make a decision according to the actual situation of the family. Now the cost of education and living for the child is very high. If the family’s economic situation is not very good, the plan of having a child can be postponed. Newlyweds can plan their future life first, and then have children after their work and income are stable, so as to maintain the normal expenses of the family. In addition, we should also coordinate the time for work and child rearing.

young people are busy with their work, but they can’t ignore their children’s education. Before deciding to have children, they should plan the time to accompany and educate them. If both of them are on the rise in their careers and want to make some achievements in their careers, don’t plan to have a baby for the time being to avoid having no time to take care of the baby after birth.

although giving birth to a life can bring a lot of joy and hope to a family, it takes a lot of energy to cultivate a child. Therefore, before deciding to have a child, couples should consider all aspects clearly. It is not only responsible for life, but also for the future of the child to prepare for pregnancy at a scientific age and improve the quality of fertility.

if there is a family history of heredity, the husband and wife need to communicate well with the doctor, make preparations in advance, and then monitor the children’s health from an early age to avoid affecting their future life. 08/17/2020