The “accelerator” of hypertension is more than salt. Don’t put these three kinds of food on the table

According to the survey data, in recent years, hypertension patients in China have exceeded 100 million people, and the incidence rate has risen to 31.5%. With the accelerated pace of life, chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia have begun to find young people, especially hypertension. If the blood pressure remains high, it may damage blood vessels, and more seriously, affect blood vessels in the brain.

in recent years, it is often reported that young people working overtime in a certain area are blocked due to sudden cerebrovascular disease. Most of them are caused by hypertension. Now many people work in the office. Overtime is a common meal, and they lack of exercise. In addition, they don’t pay attention to their diet, take out and overeat at at night. All of these increase the pressure on blood.

some people may feel that they are still young and have a fast metabolism, so they ignore those irregular eating habits in their lives, but they don’t know that the “accelerator” of hypertension is not just salt. These three kinds of food should not be put on the table.

Nowadays, many people are pursuers of spicy and heavy taste, and hypertension is often the favorite person. Most of the heavy taste food is salty and oily, even spicy. Spicy food does stimulate our stomachs, increase our appetite and raise blood pressure.

our usual diet intake of sodium salt is no more than 5g, but the sodium salt in the heavy taste food is several times of our usual intake. Excessive sodium intake in the body promotes the sodium salt in the blood into sodium water, which is retained in the body, and the blood pressure is increased.

they all say that “wine is the essence of grain, and the more you drink, the younger you will be”. However, this sentence is not suitable for patients with hypertension, because a large amount of drinking will cause cholesterol to accumulate on the wall of blood vessels, increase the physical burden, accelerate the contraction of blood vessels, and increase the blood pressure. It may also lead to arteriosclerosis and increase the probability of stroke.

in our daily life, we often eat some meat food to supplement the protein and nutrition needed by the body. However, the cholesterol in meat food is also very high. Meat food to eat too much, will increase the blood viscosity, vascular elasticity decreased, cholesterol increased, blood pressure will rise with it!

hypertension is due to the accumulation of excessive cholesterol in the blood, resulting in increased blood pressure, so we can usually drink more, clear oil, dissolve greasy water, help the blood in the body to metabolize garbage, or when drinking water, add some chrysanthemum, medlar, honeysuckle and other herbs, the effect will be better!

the nutritional value of fungus food is particularly high. It has the characteristics of high protein, low fat, low calorie and rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating more fungus food can supplement the trace elements in the body.

Lentinus edodes is a very common fungus food in life. It is often used to accelerate the blood circulation in the body, expel toxins and garbage from the blood, and help to stabilize the blood pressure in the body.

now we all advocate full exercise, but not all hypertensive friends can exercise at will, such as overweight, heart and lung diseases and other symptoms. This kind of hypertension patients are not suitable to do strenuous exercise. You can choose some gentle sports, such as Tai Chi, walking, and so on.