The appearance of these three expressions on the face indicates that the skin is “getting better”, and the appearance is also rising

Continuous skin care, may not be able to see a big change for a while. But in the body of these “performance”, it means that your skin, in the gradual improvement of Oh!

allergies are usually caused by damaged skin barriers, rashes on the face, and relaxation of the face. Like Wu Xin, at that time, her skin was always allergic and her skin condition was not very good.

later, she also said that she began to pay attention to the repair of the barrier, so now even standing in the sun with strong ultraviolet rays, her skin has no problem. You know, the sun is easy to cause allergies, so it seems that Wu Xin’s skin is getting better!

although chili has certain benefits, if you eat greasy hot dishes, it is easy to get acne. For example, gulina Zha ate a hot dish in the live broadcast, and then her skin will have obvious acne:

if you want to keep smooth skin when eating spicy food, try to control the hot dish in the range of “less oil” for muscle Skin is good. So later, Naza “only eat pepper”, skin once again returned to a smooth state.

in fact, in winter this season, the damage to the skin is small, so the skin will present a healthy white state. So if there is a big difference between the skin color in winter and summer, the natural skin is relatively poor, such as Shen Yue.

However, she has gradually begun to pay attention to the maintenance, so the skin condition is the same in winter and summer! It also proves that her skin is getting better!

so how did she do it? Shen Yue said in the program that he started using pearl powder and mixed it with cream to get the whitening effect. As a result, the skin color of summer and winter is naturally white.

, but if you buy cream and buy pearl powder, it’s really a bit troublesome. Today we would like to recommend this Yong Fang pearl nourishing cream that can be used directly. Its ingredients have the effect of replenishing water and whitening, nourishing and whitening skin!

the molecular size of ingredients added in Yongfang pearl nourishing cream can enter skin pores and penetrate into muscle bottom, which can play a good whitening effect. At the same time, it can also play a nourishing effect to help the skin get more moisturizing effect.

spots, dullness and uneven skin color can be improved after using the moisturizing cream. At the same time, because the ingredients of Yongfang pearl nourishing cream are relatively mild, all skin type sisters can use it safely.

if it is a student party, this Yong Fang pearl nourishing cream can also be used as a foundation liquid. It can be seen on the skin and can be found that the skin is instantly white. So it can be whitening as well as a good foundation concealer. It is very suitable for girls with defective skin.

in addition, Yongfang pearl nourishing cream will not get stuck. Because of its light texture and moistening texture, it can better fit itself into a nourishing, whitening and concealing effect.

the use of Yong Fang pearl nourishing cream in the morning is a concealer, and the use of Yong Fang pearl nourishing cream is whitening at night. Kill two birds with one stone, so that your appearance has been rising after using pearl cream!

it also has the effect of improving spots. If you are a child with freckles or sunburn, you can use Yongfang pearl nourishing cream for a period of time. You can find that the white face comes back to you again, and the whole person is more young!

in fact, Yongfang has been making pearl cream for many years! This is the fourth generation product of his family, so it will be more powerful in function and effect than before.

in this Yongfang pearl nourishing cream, lanolin, petrolatum, glycerin, arbutin and hydrolyzed pearl are the main ingredients, which can whiten, replenish water and repair.

hydrolyzed pearl is commonly known as “pearl extract”, which can also be understood as liquid pearl powder. Therefore, after adding it to the product, the effect will be better, and the whiteness of skin can be improved to a “grade”.

because it’s a cream product, it’s very easy to push away. You just need to apply it on the skin and massage a little, then you can make Yongfang pearl nourishing cream completely absorbed by the muscle bottom.

adhere to the use of Yongfang pearl nourishing cream for a period of time, the skin has become white, and the skin texture has gradually moved to the state of moisture, white and tender skin has come back again!

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