The arm can’t practice, has been regressing, which is the master must practice the movement?

Master Training pays attention to methods! If you practice well, you will care about your arm circumference. If you train with pump feeling, you will have confidence to continue to work. Do you care about pump feeling in training? Now see what you want? < / P > < p > if you want to show your muscles, you will bend your arms to show your two heads. Arm circumference has not been broken how to do, now let’s see what action and details can really practice big! < / P > < p > this is the king of biceps training and the most basic. The key technique is to keep the torso still and keep the elbows firmly locked to the sides of the body when bending. The grip should be shoulder width apart and should be fairly slow, rather than throwing the weight up and down as you usually see. < / P > < p > in the curl lift, the highest point takes one second to contract the biceps against the weight-bearing. This simple “extra action” can increase the training intensity and effect by at least 50%. You can use either a straight bar or a curved bar that doesn’t put too much pressure on the wrist. < / P > < p > the time tested two head movement is the alternate dumbbell curl. It’s unique in that it allows the hand to rotate backward, and the hand rotates away from the body. This is the second function of the biceps after flexing the elbow or moving the hand toward the shoulder. < / P > < p > this action can be done standing or sitting. Do not “lean” the body to the working arm or let the elbow be in front of the body when the action becomes difficult. You can lie on the upper inclined board to do it, which can increase the difficulty of the action at the lowest point. < / P > < p > strictly speaking, the brachial muscle is not part of the biceps, but a small nodal muscle between the biceps and triceps on the lateral side of the upper arm. Training it increases the arm circumference of the arm and makes the biceps look bigger. The most popular way to train this muscle is to do the hammer curl. It’s almost like alternating curving, with the thumb pointing forward, like holding a hammer in your hand. < / P > < p > this action is another good way to train the brachial muscles and also makes the extensors of the forearm bigger. These are basically barbell curls with the upper hand holding the barbell. With your palms down, you can only lift half the weight with a barbell. < / P > < p > in fact, in some ways, equipment training is better because it can control weight evenly over the entire range of motion, unlike barbells and dumbbells with sticky points. It is also a good way to train biceps. It can be combined with all types of handles and has almost unlimited possibilities to perfect biceps training. < / P > < p > the end of biceps brachii training can be concentrated bending in sitting position. Support the working arm on the inside of the thigh, slowly squeeze the biceps and let it fully extend. < / P > < p > bending with a barbell or dumbbell in the vicar chair can stabilize the upper body and isolate the biceps more effectively. You can use the more inclined side of the support pad, or use the vertical side to do more movement. < / P > < p > many people have a misconception that certain movements, such as the clergyman’s chair curl or the concentrated curving, allow the biceps to peak. In fact, the shape of the biceps is determined by DNA, just like the color of the eyes and hair. < / P > < p > the main reason why most enthusiasts do biceps training is that the posture is not in place. Almost all of their postures are not in place because they want to use more weight. Who doesn’t want bigger, fuller arms? I know it sounds crazy, but lifting a 20kg barbell with perfect movement will produce better training results than swinging a 40kg barbell. < / P > < p > apply sustained tension to the muscles, and to do this, you have to do each movement slowly under control, without lifting the load or letting it fall directly. Force the biceps to be trained in every centimeter of movement, squeeze the biceps at the highest point, and consciously feel the stretch as you go down. The effect of the first training was not lower than that of the first training. Smaller muscle groups, such as biceps, triceps and lower leg, need 8-12 high-intensity training before they can start to stimulate muscle fibers deeply and produce micro trauma of growing muscle fibers. < / P > < p > don’t waste time on weights that can only be bent three or four times. This may be an interesting personal performance, but there is always a question mark about the effect of biceps training. < / P > < p > many partners will arrange biceps training after the back training, which is why biceps training is not very good. Pull ups, barbell rowing, dumbbell rowing, and hard pulling all work hard on biceps brachii and latissimus dorsi, and after that, they won’t be as efficient as just bending. < / P > < p > biceps training can be done with chest or shoulder exercises, or with arm exercises alone, or not the day before or after the back training. This will ensure that the biceps is able to give full play to its energy during training. < / P > < p > some partners develop the habit of training their arms twice or even three times a week, hoping to accelerate the growth of their arms. On the contrary, overtraining slows muscle growth, largely because a lot of upper body movements indirectly reach the arm. < / P > < p > when designing training plans, we should pay attention to this overlap, and pay attention to the amount and frequency of training. Biceps training does not need more than 9-12 movements a week, once a week can achieve the best training effect. You can train twice a week, but doing so for more than three weeks can backfire in most cases, leading to fatigue and even muscle regression in size and girth. < / P > < p > finally, after applying appropriate skills to training, the main goal is to make the biceps produce pumping sensation in each training. The meal before training should be mainly carbohydrate, such as rice, oatmeal or potato, to provide enough glycogen as fuel for muscles to maintain pump feeling. 08/17/2020