The average life expectancy of Japanese is the first in the world. Why do they live so long? There are three secrets to longevity

With people’s living conditions getting better and better, the medical level is also greatly improved compared with the past, and now people’s life expectancy has become longer. In 2019, the average life expectancy in China is 75 years, while the average life expectancy of women is 5 years longer than that of men. As long as the life expectancy is higher than the average life span, it is long-lived. Don’t be greedy. Health is far more important than age. Even at the age of 100, the occurrence of disease is also a very painful existence. Therefore, health is important. If you are healthy, you will live a long life.

as a “country of longevity”, Japan’s average life expectancy has reached 83 years, ranking the first in the world. Among them, the average life expectancy of Japanese women is 86 years old, and the average life span of men is 80.5 years, ranking the third in the world. The average age in China is 8 years older than that in China. Why do Japanese live longer? Because they pay attention to the quality of life, and pay attention to health care, which is a big factor in determining longevity.

illness comes from the mouth, and all kinds of diseases come from the mouth. Therefore, we must pay attention to the rationalization of diet. The reason why Japan has a long life is that they pay more attention to diet. If they want to live a long life, they should pay attention to their diet. Too much junk food on the market should be kept away as soon as possible. Although the taste of high salt, high sugar and high fat is good, it is a great harm to human body.

eating these foods for a long time will damage the stomach and intestines of the human body. Once the stomach and intestines are damaged, the human body’s various organs can not get good nutrition, and the body’s resistance and immunity have been reduced. Various diseases, even cancer, endanger people’s lives. Especially those who like smoking and drinking should give up as soon as possible. For the sake of health, we should eat more fresh fruits, grains, meat and vegetable collocation, reasonable diet structure, remember not to overeat, should eat less and more meals, in order to promote gastrointestinal absorption, the human body will be healthy.

in modern society, life is so colorful that many young people like to stay up late. The organs of the human body can not be recovered for a long time. It has always been a state of load, and the human body can’t eat it. As a result, people get sick. Staying up late not only hurts the body, but also seriously affects the work effect of the next day.

if you stay up late for a long time, your brain will suffer from memory loss, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid increase, as well as other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, and even sudden death. Therefore, try not to stay up late, go to bed early and get up early, so as to ensure adequate sleep, enough sleep, and enough rest of organs, so that the human body will be more healthy.

the common feature of ordinary longevity people is that they are optimistic. As the saying goes, “smile, ten years old”. A good mood can bring you good luck in one day, and it will also bring good luck to the people around you. However, due to the accelerated pace of life, all kinds of pressure also increase, leading to a lot of people’s mental pressure, depression, overstock in the heart, not released in time, a long time, the formation of depression constitution, human immunity reduced, induced various diseases, life expectancy will also be reduced.

therefore, we must maintain a good attitude. When we have pressure, we can choose to share it with friends or family members. We can also divert our attention, take a walk, listen to music, go out for travel, and relieve the inner pressure. This is more conducive to the development of physical and mental health.

therefore, if you want to live longer, you should try to get rid of bad living habits. Longevity is not about age, health is the most important thing. If there are elderly people in the family, they hope that the elderly will live a long and healthy life, and their children will be more at ease. 08/16/2020