The baby appears jaundice, is pregnant mostly has these bad habits, the pregnant mother should pay attention to!

Ms. Li has been very worried recently. Her parents and father-in-law are also worried. This is not because the baby came to report, and the whole family found that the young baby was a “little yellow man”. Originally, a large family saw the joy of the birth of the baby was washed away by the jaundice of the baby, Ms. Li did not know what factors, let her baby suffer from jaundice. < / P > < p > moreover, the jaundice of the baby did not subside naturally like other babies, but the detection value was getting higher and higher. Doctors felt that it was not normal, and the family were afraid that the baby was pathological jaundice. But fortunately, after the doctor’s examination and treatment, the baby was confirmed to be physiological jaundice, and later gradually recovered, and the family’s heart was put down. Generally speaking, there are two main reasons for babies to become “little yellow people”. One is the common physiological jaundice, which can subside naturally; the other is the more dangerous pathological jaundice, which needs medical intervention. The so-called jaundice, in fact, is the high level of bilirubin in the baby’s body, which makes the skin and mucous membrane yellow. It usually appears in newborns born 2-3 days, especially in premature infants. Then why some babies seem to be born as usual, some babies will appear jaundice? In fact, it has a lot to do with mother’s living habits during pregnancy. Whether pregnant or not, water intake is very important to the body. However, many women do not like drinking water before pregnancy, and do not care about water supplement after pregnancy. They may not have any special feeling, but the lack of water intake will increase the probability of jaundice. Because the sufficient intake of water is the basic guarantee of metabolism. If there is insufficient water during pregnancy, the metabolism of pregnant mother’s body is slow, which is easy to cause turbidity of amniotic fluid and affect the growth of baby. If the pregnant mother really does not want to drink water, they can eat more fruits and vegetables with high moisture content. Common tomatoes and cucumbers are very good choices. < / P > < p > the so-called sour and spicy women, many women’s taste will change after pregnancy, but no matter what kind of taste they like, pregnant mothers should try to keep their diet light. Especially spicy food, or eat less during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers have weak gastrointestinal function and constipation. If they eat spicy food again, they will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, make the toxin in the body unable to be eliminated, and increase the probability of jaundice in children. < / P > < p > with the development of the times, the nightlife is becoming more and more rich. As the Baoma people are getting younger and younger, it is normal to stay up late naturally. However, during pregnancy, if the work and rest have been in an unstable state, its impact is that the mother is not well rested, physically and mentally tired, and the second is to affect the metabolism of the fetus, which is more prone to jaundice. Therefore, pregnant mothers should try their best to correct their bad work and rest time, go to rest regularly and regularly, avoid the temptation of some electronic products around them, so that the body can get enough sleep and rest. Generally speaking, if the pregnant mother keeps normal work and rest during pregnancy, and her diet is light and nutritious, the risk of jaundice in children will be greatly reduced. If the baby appears jaundice, first of all to determine whether the child is physiological or pathological, if the former, you can take the child more sun, eat more row, if the latter, you need to find a doctor for professional treatment. No matter what kind of jaundice, it is necessary to arouse the attention of novice parents in order to ensure the healthy and smooth growth of the baby. < / P > < p > for jaundice and other common infant diseases, we do not need to be too nervous, recommend a book, you want to know the content, which all have, hope to help you. 08/17/2020