The baby girl, who was only 25 centimeters old and broke the Guinness record, has become a goddess 14 years later

There is such a story in Andersen’s fairy tale: a long time ago, a woman always wanted to have a child, so she went to seek the help of a witch. The witch gave her a seed and let the woman plant it in a flowerpot. Soon the seed germinated and blossomed. In the middle of the flower, there was a little girl. This is a famous story. < / P > < p > Sonya is a pregnant woman who was diagnosed with severe arteritis when she was pregnant. For ordinary people, it’s not a big problem. It’s better to take medicine normally, but she is pregnant. as everyone knows. During pregnancy, drugs can not be used casually. Drugs will be absorbed by the baby along the umbilical cord. Even small doses of drugs will have a huge impact on the growth of the baby. < / P > < p > may also be due to pregnancy, Sonya’s resistance is particularly poor, and arteritis is becoming more and more serious, which makes her have to give birth early, and the operation originally scheduled for 27 weeks is also advanced to 21 weeks. On October 24, 2006, Amelia Taylor came to this world. < / P > < p > when she was born, she only weighed 280 grams, 24 centimeters long, and was not as big as an adult’s palm, breaking the Guinness record for the youngest baby. Too late to meet her parents, she was immediately sent to a special incubator, which was specially designed for her by the hospital after repeated discussions, to simulate the growth environment of the uterus as much as possible. < / P > < p > because Amelia is too small to drink water, the nurse can only use the smallest dropper to put the milk powder drop by drop into her mouth and help her swallow it manually. She was also the first premature infant born in the world at that time. The hospital had no case to study, and did not even know how to judge whether her current indicators were normal. < / P > < p > but sometimes life is really tenacious, just like grass & quot; wildfires can’t be burnt out, and spring breeze can blow again. &When her lungs were not fully developed, Amelia could breathe normally, cry like other children, and have her own thinking, which made the medical staff at that time very happy. < / P > < p > many media also pay special attention to Amelia’s growth. We sincerely hope that this little girl can grow up healthily and survive this most dangerous period. After four months in the incubator, Amelia finally came out of her second home and was taken home by her parents. < / P > < p > but because of preterm birth, Amelia’s indicators are lower than those of normal children. She grows slowly and is extremely thin. When she is one year old, her height is only 8 cm more, a little longer than the ballpoint pen we use, and her weight has only increased by two pounds. She can’t crawl on the ground like other children. < / P > < p > however, under the careful care of her parents, Amelia has been growing healthily. This year, she is 14 years old and has become a fair lady. Besides looking a little thinner than her peers, everything else is normal and extremely beautiful, especially in line with the definition of & quot; goddess & quot. < / P > < p > for life, Amelia is grateful in addition to awe. She is very grateful to those medical staff in those years. If it was not for their careful care and care, she would not be what she is today. Moreover, after leaving hospital, these medical staff often came to visit her at home, enlightened her, and told Amelia to go to the hospital for physical examination on time. < / P > < p > Amelia’s survival is also a miracle in the history of medicine. Premature infants are easy to be infected with various diseases, and their whole body organs are not well developed. If they are not careful, they will fall. Let alone infants like Amelia who have only been in the womb for less than five months, it is more difficult to care for them, and the medical level at that time is not as developed as it is now. Privacy Policy