The beauty of dawn gorgeous color suqqu 2021 spring make-up new launch

In the distance of Zixia, spring light suddenly appears. As the saying goes, “dusk” in autumn, “dawn” in winter and “dawn” in spring. At the dawn of spring, everything revives, the air is clear, and the natural colors are becoming more and more gorgeous. Spring is not only a beautiful scenery, but also a beautiful season. On January 8, 2021, suqqu spring make-up series was launched, inspired by the warm sunrise and clear air, adding more soft luster to the spring of 2021! < / P > < p > suqqu means straight and upright in Japanese. Targeting at urban women, suqqu is committed to “perfectly expressing women’s self-confidence, generous and refined image, and moving women’s desire with high topic personality”. Suqqu has a large number of star products, among which the cosmetics series have always been well received. This spring, SUQQU will synchronously sell crystal products, such as eye color plates, Jing Cai Jing Yan cheek color, crystal colored eye liner and many other spring products, which will complement each other in bright spring. < / P > < p > as a star eye color plate, suqqu jingcaiyingzhi eye color plate always pursues the classic color of high style, like putting a layer of bright color film between the eyes, the texture is silky, so that the eyes show noble and exquisite luster. Four different formulas are integrated into one eye color plate, which can easily create charming eye makeup and create changeable and beautiful impression. In addition, rose fruit oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and other moisturizing ingredients are added to the color plate. < / P > < p > the film feeling of close fitting, even if 4 layers of coating, there will be no uneven color. Using powder smooth extension technology, not only can prevent Sequin and pearl powder from falling off, but also can realize high purity color film, which is not easy to detect the boundary and thickness between skin and Sequin. < / P > < p > in order to render the brilliance of eyes clearly, suqqu eye color plate is added with transparent pearl powder, and dark color can also present transparent feeling. In addition, the use of diffuse reflective pearl powder, create a more sense of life luster. < / P > < p > for the fog texture color which is easy to produce powder feeling, the spherical snow powder which is as soft as snow to wrap the air is used. It is further wrapped with oil to achieve a moist and beautiful touch. No powder texture, perfect fit with skin. < / P > < p > like the spring light shining on the cheeks, it is full of delicate neon. Suqqu buccal color series has fine powder, ingenious color, natural color rendering, beautiful proportion of color and glossiness. After haloing and dyeing, it looks like flowers in the morning mist, gentle and lovely. In addition, this series of cheek color also has the comfortable feeling of being as dense as silk and as smooth as satin, which is durable and easy to stack. The limited color series launched in the spring of this year can easily create a clear and natural sense of vitality, which should be full of vigor in spring. < / P > < p > this spring, suqqu crystal adopts 6 colors of soft and gorgeous Lip Glaze. The water moistens the gorgeous color to stick the double lips, reveals the bright Liquid Lip Glaze, for the make-up embellishment taste style. < / P > < p > spring make-up series combines the dawn color of spring with gorgeous make-up luster to create a natural and vivid spring make-up. Let’s praise the beauty of the four seasons in the name of color. Suqqu’s new product launch every season is highly anticipated, and all kinds of new attempts will always bring surprise to you. This spring, many new products of suqqu are on sale in China and Japan simultaneously, and tmall’s overseas flagship store is also upgraded. At the same time, Bonnie & Clyde store of Shanghai Taiguhui is added. You can experience many popular products and new products of suqqu on the spot! CUISINE&HEALTH