The big stomach King behind the rectification of eating and Broadcasting: some people immediately vomit in the toilet after eating, while others take over the advertisements of thousands of restaurants

On August 11, CCTV criticized the phenomenon of food waste caused by eating and broadcasting the king of big stomach. It was even more serious to spoil the food if the anchor threw up the food after eating it. The Kwai Chung and the fast hand related officials responded on the evening of 12, in response to the fact that the content of the Internet is wasted on food content, or tiktok, such as eating, vomiting and propaganda, and so on. The platform will be dealt with severely, or the punishment of deleting works, shutting down live broadcasting, and blocking account numbers will be dealt with.

the live broadcast platform Betta also responded that it would actively respond to the relevant call of the central government, strengthen the audit of the content of the food live broadcast, put an end to the waste of food, and create a clean atmosphere for live broadcast. Tiktok and Kwai,

, are now searching for “big stomach king” and “eating sowing” in keywords. On the tiktok, the 670W fans are eating grass, and the video content is all off. In order to weaken the tag of “Dawei king”, many bloggers began to change their names to avoid the limelight. Among them, the nickname of “big stomach king mizijun” was deleted, and the nickname of “Dawei mini” was changed to “Liwo girl mini”. As early as August 3rd, the video released by the official released by the Kwai Tat in August 3rd has revealed that the following actions may be impossible to pass the video: eating foods that may cause physical discomfort, such as eating 50 egg, eating foods with irregular dishes, eating noodles with Martin boots, eating raw foods, such as eating octopus, mice, scorpions, and placing large quantities of food drinks. Eating and drinking in a short time; eating and broadcasting; exaggerating the expression on the cover of the video, such as eating the whole pitaya in one bite; eating objects that are easy to cause vulgar associations, such as animal genitals.

eating and broadcasting was popular in Japan and Korea. In 2009, in the Japanese TV program, with amazing food intake and lovely appearance, yoshiwa Kimura attracted the audience’s love. After losing the game, Kimura began to publish his own eating videos on YouTube. Only four cartoons related to Kimura could be visited by 140000 visitors a day.

domestic king of stomach is not willing to be outdone. In 2016, mizoku, the king of stomachs, became popular by eating 10 barrels of Turkey noodles in 6 minutes and 12 seconds. He also brought eating and sowing into the eyes of the Chinese people. Since then, the major video platforms have been scrambling to emerge many eating and broadcasting network celebrities named “king of stomach”, attracting users’ attention.

in addition to the mode of positioning and large amount of food, there are many food broadcasters who choose to go to the store to “teach the boss”. It is usually wagered by a big stomach king with the restaurant owner that eating a certain amount of food can be free for life. This routine is also common in many short videos, and even some bloggers promote it in this way.

Xiao Zhu, an office worker, told AI finance and economics news agency that he saw eating and broadcasting as satisfying a kind of “compensatory psychology”. That is to say, if you don’t dare to eat more food because you are afraid of getting fat, you can meet your needs by watching the anchor eat. The original variety show producer in Japan explained that “eating and broadcasting has satisfied the psychological needs of the audience. Most people will feel refreshed when they see their friends eat a huge amount of food that is almost impossible to eat at the same time.”.

Seoul University believes that eating and broadcasting is an inevitable trend brought about by the atomization society in Korea. In the next 15 years, South Korea’s single family will account for one-third of the total number of families. As a “lack of intimacy”, eating and broadcasting can meet the audience’s demand for common eating.

under the market demand, a number of online celebrities and MCN institutions have emerged, among which Chengdu addictive food culture is a vertical category MCN company focusing on the food field. The company has artists such as “big stomach Wang Duo Yi”, “kitchen man Dong Yang Jun” and “Yu Duo Duo”, including head eating blogger mizujun, who was also the company’s IP before.

last year, Xu Linfei, founder of addictive food culture, said in an interview with the media that the company’s main way of profit is still sharing and advertising revenue, and has reached cooperation with more than 1000 catering businesses, with more than 260 brand customers. However, he said that he would not always rely on advertising in the future, but would also try to use diversified channels such as e-commerce.

Xu Linfei frankly believes that the company has also encountered the bottleneck of talent shortage. He believes that an excellent gourmet master should have three elements: first, he should be beautiful enough, in addition to his high appearance, he should also have his own unique talent; second, he should perform, and those who lack expressiveness have poor effect on the camera, and the works will appear “dry”; third, they should cooperate, including the recognition of the company and colleagues, and self-awareness. However, there are few short video talents who meet the requirements.

popular food bloggers tend to have an enviable slim figure. Take king Muxia of the stomach as an example, in the physical examination report displayed by him, the stomach under the wood can expand to 66 times its original volume. Before eating, the stomach under the wood is larger than that of ordinary people, and the digestion ability is also different from that of ordinary people. She claimed that if she ate less, she would become thinner.

but there are still a few talented people like Kimura. Mercedes Benz, a Korean food blogger, once revealed his secret of keeping fit – exercising 5-6 hours a day to burn off excess calories.

on June 23, a 30-year-old red Xiao Wang of Shenyang food broadcasting network suddenly felt sharp pain in his eyes and numbness in his arms during the live broadcast. Seven days later, Xiao Wang died because of ineffective rescue. This is not the first disaster caused by eating and sowing. Li Hui, the world’s 17th largest professional rice eater, died in September last year, after eating 28 hot dogs a person in 10 minutes at the New York king of stomachs competition, and showed how much she could eat 24 hamburgers and 39 raw eggs in one breath.

the health of Dawei king is worrying. Relevant data show that if a king of stomach eats 8 kg of food a day, his intake of calories is about 10000 kcal. An adult male consumes about 1500 kcal a day and a female consumes 1200 kcal. According to this calculation, the metabolic rate of king of stomach is 7-8 times of that of ordinary people, or it takes more than 16 hours of exercise to fully consume calories. This is obviously against common sense.

behind the fact that the king of stomach is not fat, there is a secret technique of vomiting. In Japan, contestants of the “king of stomach” show were exposed that they would immediately go into the toilet to vomit after eating; the anchor “Kiki sauce of big stomach girl” initially prevaricated and questioned it on the grounds of “exercising every day and not getting fat every day”. After being asked by the audience for live broadcast without editing, they finally admitted the fact of vomiting.

the emetic group has its own post bar. They call themselves “rabbits”. There are three ways for rabbits to induce vomiting: SD, G and Zr. SD refers to manual operation. If you use this method for a long time, there will be obvious scars on the back of the hand; G refers to the tube, that is, the stomach tube is used to export food; Zr refers to natural vomiting, which can be naturally vomited without the help of external force.

in order not to hurt the body, fake eating has also become the way of choice of the bloggers. In May this year, the “Sun Gouzi and Liu Laohu”, the up masters of station B, mistakenly uploaded an unedited version of the broadcast video, which caused people to overturn their cars. In the video, the up master chews food with a big mouth while vomit the food in his mouth under the guidance of the voice over. This behavior has triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Some netizens said that “I can eat all this rice and even fake it”, and satirized “if I can’t eat this bowl of rice, don’t make this money”.

in the circle of eating and broadcasting, there is also a chain of contempt. True eating + eating more is at the top of the disdain chain, followed by vomiting, fake eating is lower, and fake eating is at the bottom of the contempt chain.

However, food waste and physical injury caused by eating and sowing have attracted the attention of relevant departments. Not only in China, but also in foreign countries, food broadcasting has been criticized and attacked by public opinion because of its negative effects.

for example, in Japan, high school students died of suffocation because they imitated the king of eating and broadcasting. Famous programs were suspended for three years after 2002. In South Korea, some people think that the obesity rate of Korean people increased from 26% in 1998 to 34.8% in 2016, which is closely related to eating and broadcasting. In 2018, the Ministry of health and welfare of the Republic of Korea formulated industry guidelines for eating and broadcasting, aiming to rectify the possible adverse effects of Dawei king on the society. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore