The biggest harm to the stomach is not only drinking and smoking, but also this thing, which many people do every day

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the most important thing of stomach is “nourishing”. Traditional Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the stomach qi, and holds that “if there is stomach qi, it will be born; if there is no stomach qi, it will die.”. It shows that the spleen and stomach is the “source of Qi and blood biochemistry”, and it is the “acquired foundation”. The spleen and stomach bear all the energy sources of our body. The spleen and stomach are exuberant, and the source of transformation is sufficient. The five viscera and six Fu organs will be strong and the body will be healthy.

once the spleen and stomach goes wrong, it will not only affect appetite, sleep, mood, but also induce a variety of gastrointestinal diseases and systemic diseases.

we often eat some porridge when our stomach is uncomfortable. We feel that porridge is easy to digest and has no burden to eat. Many elderly people even drink porridge every day as their staple food, and eat very little other food. They think this is the way to keep healthy.

in fact, this kind of damage to the stomach is very big, long-term drinking porridge is easy to suffer from atrophic gastritis. The reason is very simple, the lack of chewing porridge, food into the stomach, because of the lack of salivary amylase, digestion time extended, porridge and diluted gastric juice, will cause gastrointestinal peristalsis become abnormal slow.

in the long run, the gastric acid secretion function will be decreased, and the stomach will gradually lose the protection of gastric mucosa. Just like a person who does not exercise for a long time, his blood circulation slows down, his metabolism slows down, and he is easy to get sick.

when our stomach is sour, we often think of eating some soda biscuits to neutralize the stomach acid. Too much acid in the stomach and a small amount of soda crackers and soda water do help.

but many friends who don’t like sweets but pay attention to health care, long-term consumption of soda biscuits and other alkaline foods will neutralize gastric acid and improve the pH value of the stomach, which will backfire.

because our stomach itself is a slightly acidic to strong acid environment, it can reduce gastric bacterial infection. Gastric acid is less, digestive capacity is decreased, miscellaneous bacteria are increased, and gastritis is more likely to occur. And soda biscuits are not low in fat and not so healthy!

meat contains more high-quality protein, essential fatty acids and other nutrients than plants, which are needed in the process of gastric mucosal repair and renewal. Long term vegetarianism can also lead to nutritional imbalance. No matter whether the stomach is good or not, we should eat some animal food such as lean meat, fish, eggs, milk and so on.

this is a daily eating habit in our life. Excessive health care may cause more damage to the stomach. Therefore, all health food should be moderate consumption.

do you eat breakfast every day? For many young people, the bad habit of not eating breakfast has become a common problem. Because with the acceleration of the pace of life, like to stay up late at night, it will be difficult to get up in the morning, in order to sleep a few more minutes, often ignore the time to eat breakfast.

but in the long run, the health of the stomach will be damaged. If people are in a state of hunger for a long time, their perception of hunger will be reduced, resulting in gastrointestinal damage. In serious cases, bile reflux, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and other diseases can be caused. Therefore, it is necessary to correct them in time.

massage helps to regulate spleen and stomach. There is a saying that “if you want to keep your stomach and intestines safe, you can always do it in Sanli”, which means that we can usually massage Zusanli. Zusanli is an acupoint of the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming. It is a health point. Regular massage of Zusanli, Neiguan and Zhongwan can nourish the spleen and stomach, and promote our digestion and absorption.

maintain a good living state, such as no smoking, no drinking, and a very good mental state. There are also early to bed, early to rise, do not stay up late, moderate exercise, this is a good way to nourish the stomach.

preparation: clove, Hericium erinaceus, Hippophae rhamnoides, hawthorn, orange peel, jujube, barley, washed and fried in 300ml water, twice a day, after meals.

the stomach pressure is high after eating. If you lie down immediately, it may cause food reflux to the esophagus. In addition, dinner must be more than 3 hours from sleep, because stomach digestion and emptying takes 3 to 4 hours.