The body appears these 4 performance, lung injury is very serious, teach you 3 moves to “eat” the lung well

In addition, the smoke addiction is not only a serious harm to the air, but also from the air pollution. These harmful substances are quietly attacking your lungs every day. If your lungs are damaged, your life and health will be seriously damaged. So pay attention to the culprits of such attacks.

because the lungs cooperate with our noses to complete the breathing process, when our lungs have problems, it is likely that our noses will have nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis and other symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine often say that the nose is red, which is likely to represent the person’s lung fire. In this case, it is necessary to protect the lung.

frequent cough is often a manifestation of pulmonary inflammation. For example, nine out of ten cases of dry cough are caused by respiratory tract infection. If respiratory tract infection is not treated in time, it is likely to develop into pneumonia.

at the same time, lung tumors can also cause cough symptoms. So when you end suddenly began to cough, we must pay attention to it, go to the hospital to have a good check of the lung, take relevant effective measures.

every morning from 3:00 to 5:00, we are called Yinshi. Under normal circumstances, we should be in a deep sleep, and the lungs are in a stable and orderly state. If you often wake up in the Yinshi period, it means that your lung qi and blood are insufficient and should be treated.

the old Chinese medicine reminds us that chest tightness or waking up due to suffocation in the middle of the night is the body’s warning us: lung damage. A normal lung qi foot. The person of exuberant Qi and blood, blood circulates bad wait to be able to carry on normally, natural won’t appear chest tightness and midnight asphyxia condition. On the contrary, if our cardiopulmonary function is damaged, chest tightness and suffocation will naturally come to us.

you can often see “lotus seed syrup” in the store. Lotus seed can moisten the throat and lung, relieve the trachea, and has significant sedative effect. At the same time, lotus seed can also have detumescence and pain relief, clear fire and diuresis, effectively prevent sleep snoring caused by respiratory problems, treat wind heat and cold, reduce fire and acid. A bowl of cool and refreshing tremella lotus seeds is definitely the killer of heartfire. In the hot summer, a bowl of lotus seeds will not only relieve the heat, but also be of great benefit to your health.

phlegm is generally generated in the throat, and then coughed out by coughing. Sydney is one of the fruits with extremely high water content. Meanwhile, as one of the fruits, the vitamin content of Sydney is also considerable, and the vitamin content can help our lungs to be more resistant.

in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, dietotherapy is the most commonly used method. The lung needs nutrition, so the lung can accelerate the repair of lung injury through nutrients, protein is very important. Hua Tuo once wrote that gardenia with fatty sea and honeysuckle is conducive to anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, lung heat. Adding some extra ingredients before drinking water can not only repair the lung, but also increase the taste and taste.

if you feel that it is troublesome to make the extraction solution, you can directly choose the tea bag, which is convenient and efficient. Conclusion: in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the best season for lung cultivation. Due to dry air in summer and cold in winter, it is the most powerful period of lung function in autumn. Therefore, we should strengthen the maintenance of lung recently. At the same time, don’t forget to balance the body and pay attention to your health. PARRENT&CHILDREN