The body appears these three kinds of phenomena, pays attention to the dehumidification work, cannot “want the demeanor, does not want the temperature”

Introduction: as the saying goes, “moisture in a hundred diseases, moisture in addition to a hundred diseases”, the existence of moisture in the body will seriously lead to the damage of our human body, it will affect the normal operation of our human body function, so we must pay attention to moisture in the body.

too much moisture in the body will affect the normal operation of the spleen and stomach function of the human body, and even sometimes lead to loss of appetite. The whole body lacks strength in all limbs, and occasionally has chest tightness, abdominal distension, and irregular stool.

too much moisture will block our blood circulation, affect the transportation of Qi and blood, and cause pain in the limbs, which will lead to arthritis. Therefore, for the health of your bones and joints, we should pay attention to moisture.

especially in summer, because of the high temperature, many people like to take a shower and wash their hair before going to bed. After washing, I fell asleep with wet hair. But you know, people’s temperature will drop at night, which is also the reason why many people feel cold at night. Bathing speeds up blood circulation. Wet hair to sleep can lead to water intrusion in the hair, resulting in headache.

Nowadays, many people wear very few clothes in cold weather for beauty. But when the body feels cold, immunity will decline. At this time, cold can easily enter the body, causing heavy moisture.

staying up late is very harmful. Lack of sleep will lead to internal organ damage. Visceral damage can easily lead to dampness. At this time, it will also cause excessive moisture in people’s bags under the eyes.

since excessive humidity can cause serious body damage, how can we dehumidify? In fact, we can drink some dehumidification water. Today, Xiaobian recommends a kind of dehumidification water, which is made from red beans, Coix, adzuki beans, barley, tartary buckwheat, Euryale ferox seed, Gardenia jasminoides Ellis and other ingredients. They have the following effects:

red beans: they have a lot of protein and vitamins. They have good effects on clearing heat and detoxifying, strengthening spleen and stomach. Eating them can prevent spleen and stomach damage caused by excessive moisture.

these are common ingredients, but it’s very troublesome to deal with them. It doesn’t matter. Below is the tea bag I prepared for you. Click the small card below. Health is worth your effort, and your body thanks you.

conclusion: the harm of moisture to human body is still great. We should not easily ignore it at ordinary times. Do a good job of dehumidification, drink some drainage water, do some exercise to strengthen the body, I wish you a better body. Focus