The body began to grow this “little red spot”, the liver has been “rotten like a fishing net”, go to check CT quickly

In general, this nevus from a central point, radial spread to the surrounding small vascular branches. Because the shape is similar to spiders, it is directly called spider nevus. There are spider nevi in these parts of the body, usually liver problems. Because the female hormone in the body increases, the male hormone reduces, easy to appear spider nevus. Excess estrogen in the body will stimulate capillary congestion expansion, spider nevus. However, the metabolism of estrogen mainly depends on the liver, and the liver function decreases. If the estrogen can not be inactivated in time, it will remain in the body, leading to arteriole expansion. < p > < p > blood nevi looks like small blood bubbles on the skin, showing red, reddish brown, cyan, etc. Pressing down with the hand will not subside, generally growing on the surface of the skin, sometimes higher than the surface of the skin. The mole will grow slightly over time, but will not cause any discomfort. This nevus is a blood spot formed by the continuous expansion and rupture of local capillaries on the skin. This kind of spot generally grows in the face, trunk, neck, may also grow in the oral mucosa. < / P > < p > the nevus in the body is due to liver problems, mostly fatty liver. The reason is the same as the cause of blood nevus, mostly due to the decline of liver function and excessive estrogen in the body. < / P > < p > because one of the main functions of the liver is detoxification. If the body is not detoxified smoothly, there will be a large number of toxic substances remaining in the body, which will make the body fluids stink. In this case, people sweating will also have a bad smell. < / P > < p > the liver is also responsible for metabolism. If the metabolism is not smooth, the food will stay in the human body. If the food is fermented for a long time, it will produce putrid smell, which will be emitted through the oral cavity. < / P > < p > some people’s hair dry is caused by dyeing and ironing with chemicals. If the hair is not dyed and ironed, it will still be dry and hairy. That could be liver dysfunction. < / P > < p > the liver is responsible for metabolism. It will continuously synthesize nutrients needed by the human body and transport them to the cells of the whole body through the blood. Liver function decline, unable to bring nutrition to the body in time, there will be a long-term lack of nourishment of the body’s ends, hair will be dry and impetuous. < / P > < p > bilirubin in human body is metabolized by liver. Bilirubin is red blood cells after life, will rupture, the bilirubin inside will enter the liver with blood, will be processed by liver cells bilirubin excretion. < / P > < p > if the liver function decreases and bilirubin excretion is not smooth, it will stay in the blood of the body. As the color of bilirubin is light yellow, it will cause the white eyes to turn yellow for a long time. Serious words will jaundice, accompanied by skin wax yellow, urine red yellow. Staying up late can lead to a series of problems, which can make people get angry, have poor detoxification, endocrine disorders and become stupid. Therefore, staying up late is the biggest health killer. It is a very good health habit to develop good work and rest habits in life. Sleeping before 10:30 p.m. is a very good health keeping habit. < / P > < p > early to bed may cause a series of maladjustment, which can be intervened by some external forces. For example, you can do an hour’s exercises at night, listen to lullaby, smoke hypnotic candles. < p > < p > honeysuckle: in the treatment of fever, it can clear away heat and detoxify, can be used for throat swelling caused by fire, can enhance immunity, can reduce blood fat, and prevent fatty liver. Conclusion: People’s health requires that every part of the body is healthy. We can directly observe the surface condition of the body. In fact, we can also find the internal organs through some symptoms of the body. We must pay more attention to our health. Your name will always exist on the Internet