The body has 4 symptoms, nine out of ten is cerebral infarction, the first time to go to the hospital emergency

As the so-called “one person cerebral infarction, the whole family suffer.” even if the brain infarction is treated in time, there is a great probability that the sequelae will be left behind, seriously affecting normal life. What is more worrying is that the onset of cerebral infarction is hidden and urgent, and often occurs suddenly, and the golden time of rescue is only about 2 hours. Timely detection and treatment may minimize the damage to the body. < p > < p > Li Lidong is the director of the Department of Neurology. He has been a doctor for more than 30 years. He has treated countless patients with cerebral infarction. He has witnessed the patients suffering from cerebral infarction. He has devoted himself to the study of the symptoms, precursors and cure methods of cerebral infarction. < / P > < p > more than half of the patients will have symptoms of unilateral limb movement disorder before the onset of the disease, and even have difficulty in holding up the tea cup and can not walk normally, which is mostly transient. < / P > < p > cerebral vascular blockage and insufficient blood supply to brain tissue will affect the function of motor central nerve and brain stem, and the most direct result is limb disorder. < / P > < p > for the middle-aged and old people, vision decline is mostly caused by physiological degeneration, which is a slow visual decline. If there is a sharp decline in vision in a short period of time, we should be alert to the risk of cerebral infarction attack. < / P > < p > cerebral vascular occlusion, the blood supply of the optic nerve will be greatly affected, the distribution of capillaries around the optic nerve is dense, the symptoms of insufficient blood supply appear, it is easy to lead to vascular necrosis, and then cause vision loss. < / P > < p > cerebral vascular occlusion, the blood supply of brain tissue will be greatly affected, nerve control of facial muscles will appear temporary obstacles, so the symptoms of poker face before cerebral infarction are mostly transient. < / P > < p > in addition, cerebral vascular occlusion can also cause brain tissue hypoxia, facial muscle activity will be reduced to reduce oxygen consumption, compared with normal people, the facial expression of patients will be less. < / P > < p > this is because when brain tissue is in hypoxia due to cerebral vascular blockage, the body will get more oxygen by yawning, which belongs to the body’s stress behavior. < / P > < p > the fat content of high-fat food is very large. Eating too much will lead to excessive fat intake. In addition to causing obesity, it will also increase the content of lipid in the blood, making the blood viscous and easy to induce hyperlipidemia. Salt is an important source of sodium ion in human body. Sodium ion can promote gastric acid secretion and help digestion, but excessive intake of salt will destroy the osmotic pressure inside and outside the cell. Among them, Yuntai ice chrysanthemum is the best. It is produced in ancient Huaiqing Prefecture, containing a high content of blood vessel maintenance ingredients, and therefore won the reputation of “the aristocrat of Chrysanthemum”. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE