The boy was scalded and died after being treated for infection by a “quack doctor” who was prosecuted

After the one-year-old boy was scalded, his parents gave up treatment in the regular hospital and went to the “doctor of the quack” for medical treatment. After 24 days of treatment, the boy died of severe wound infection. On August 27, the surging news reporter learned from the people’s Procuratorate of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, that the hospital recently filed a public prosecution against Wang, a “quack doctor”, for illegal medical practice. According to the procuratorate of Pudong New Area, during the period from May 7, 2020 to May 31, 2020, the defendant, Wang Mou, conducted diagnosis and treatment activities on Liu, the victim of scald, in an outdoor corridor of Zhongke Road, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, without obtaining the doctor’s qualification and practicing license of medical institutions He died of septic shock after scalding of lower limbs on May 31. < p > < p > on June 16, the defendant Wang was arrested by the police when he wanted to go to the public security organ to commit a crime after receiving the police call. After arriving at the case, he truthfully confessed the above-mentioned criminal facts. < / P > < p > in addition, according to media reports, the 1-year-old boy from Anhui Province overturned the kettle that was boiling water due to lack of effective care when crawling at home, resulting in 2 degree scald on both legs, with an area of 10%. On the same day, the boy’s parents sent the child to Ruijin Hospital for treatment, which cost more than 10000 yuan after a week’s treatment. When they heard that the child may have sequelae even after recovery, the boy’s parents worried that the medical expenses were too expensive, so they insisted on handling the discharge procedures for the child. < / P > < p > when he left the hospital, the boy’s parents learned through other people’s introduction that Wang, a local “doctor” in Chuansha, Shanghai, was good at treating burns, so he immediately went to see a doctor. ” During the period of “treatment”, Wang continued to smear “his family’s ancestral Plaster” to his children and assured his parents that he would not leave any sequelae. In fact, the “ancestral Plaster” is composed of common borneol, sesame oil, rosin, Guangdan, etc. During the treatment, the child had recurrent fever. 24 days later, the child developed symptoms such as rolling eyes and white lips. The parents sent the child to the hospital for rescue, but it was too late. The procuratorate of Pudong New Area held that the defendant, Wang, illegally practised medicine without the qualification of a doctor, and the circumstances were serious. His behavior had violated the provisions of article 336. The facts of the crime were clear and the evidence was reliable and sufficient. Therefore, he should be investigated for criminal responsibility for the crime of illegal medical practice. At the same time, the defendant Wang was arrested by the police when he wanted to surrender to the public security organs after receiving the police call. Wang voluntarily confessed his crime and confessed to punishment. Wang’s family members have made compensation to the victims’ families and obtained understanding, and the guardian of the victim is at fault. Therefore, the defendant Wang can be given a lighter punishment according to law. A few days ago, the Pudong new area procuratorate filed a public prosecution against Wang. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not