The “carry the handle” in the muscle base fluid, besides the snowflake show, these four models are more valuable and are the top four.

In the past two years,

has been more popular than essence, and girls now pay more attention to the absorption of skin care products. For example, the efficacy of some popular muscle base fluid is blown so mysterious that it is inevitable to step on thunder. Nevertheless, there are still some of the muscles in the bottom of the muscle. Some of the top muscles of the muscle base are still in the top. Today, let’s take a look at ~

. The most famous body of the muscle essence is Shiseido’s red kidneys. The famous muscle base fluid is also a lot of single products on the makeup table of girls around 25 years old. This muscle essence is really like the name, which is very powerful for the base. It is mainly used to maintain skin stability and reduce skin problems. When you use it, you don’t feel the effect is much obvious, but carefully compare the previous skin state, you will find that the skin is really kept in a very young state. < / P > < p > moderate moisture retention, not suitable for autumn and winter. However, the absorption is very fast, and has no effect on the follow-up skin care products absorption. But the price is also quite expensive. There are two specifications. Generally, the bottle will be empty after less than three months of use. The price performance ratio is slightly lower. However, the use of ease and good, so it has become popular muscle essence of popularity. < / P > < p > this muscle base liquid is very inclusive to the skin, and most of its fame is fried. However, the sense of use is still good, and it can be absorbed directly after painting. There is no need to worry about greasy feeling, even if it is acne muscle, there is no need to worry about allergy. Adhere to use for a period of time, you will find your skin becomes very smooth.

but it is recommended that girls should use collocation cream when they use this muscle base fluid, so that they can achieve double effect and maximize the effect of skin care. It is suggested that girls can collocation a layer of wrinkle cream or essence, because as a muscle base fluid, girls are not enough to achieve multiple effects. Collocation of cream can greatly enhance skin care. < / P > < p > this muscle base liquid is mainly imported type, which can accelerate the absorption of follow-up skin care products before the toner. It is more suitable for some girls with dry and dark skin and unsatisfied make-up. It has a certain moisturizing effect and can also go deep into the bottom of the skin to improve the skin condition. He wants to moisten some more, so he will find that the skin is soft and tender after using up, so the essence of Han is famous for its snowflake show. < / P > < p > because its main ingredient is traditional Chinese medicine. The ingredients are very mild, with some small golden particles inside, which are relatively small. If you apply them on your face, you will not have them. Texture a little bit sticky, but does not affect the skin absorption, girls if the skin is dry, or very suitable. When it comes to muscle base fluid,

has to mention this snowflake show moistening dryness essence. Its main function is to regulate skin balance, moisturize and moisturize, and improve the skin’s dull. His main ingredient is Chinese herbal medicine, so the product is relatively mild compared with European and American products, and girls with sensitive muscles will not get red. < / P > < p > it contains a light brown liquid, which can be easily absorbed when applied on the skin. It has a faint taste of Chinese herbal medicine. After using it, you can obviously feel that the skin becomes very tender. If the girls do not agree with the makeup, it is suggested that they can be used before makeup, so that the makeup can be more comfortable. < / P > < p > the above are the handlebars in the muscle base fluid, which have their own characteristics and are popular. The effect is very good. However, it is suggested that girls should choose according to their own actual skin properties when using, so as to maximize the effect of skin care products. Focus