The cat jumped to the chair to attract the attention of its owner, but netizens felt sorry for it

Peipei, a cat who loves to be coquettish, usually runs a shop with its owner. This day, the owner was playing with the mobile phone at the counter all the time, but he didn’t pay attention to it, which made Peipei very angry. Did I have fun with the mobile phone?

peipeipei jumped onto the chair first, and then found out that the owner still lowered his head to stroke the mobile phone without paying attention to himself. Unable to do so, peipeipei jumped directly onto the table, then slowly turned around and roared at the master. The voice was discontented with the roar of a dragon! Later, he twisted like a penguin to attract the attention of the owner.

at ordinary times, the owner of the store is basically a cat. He always touches peipeipei and tells him a lot. Although he doesn’t understand the feeling, he is used to it!

Pei Pei had been wandering for a period of time before. Later, he was rescued by a kind-hearted man after his hands were broken by a trap. Unfortunately, he had no sense of security and was particularly clingy. The host always laughs at it. One day, in addition to eating, he is looking for the master, just like a giant baby.

but although peipeipei doesn’t have two claws, he is very strong and alive. In his eyes, he is no different from other cats. It still runs around the store every day, jumping up and down, very flexible.

many cats and dogs are little fighters for life. Although they are physically disabled, they can live a happy life as long as they have a loving owner nearby. Some disabled dogs in foreign countries still run fast after being put into wheelchairs. They rush out to welcome their owners home every day.