The champion of reducing triglyceride has found that if you take a few mouthfuls sooner or later, the blood vessels will be dredged and the blood lipid will be reduced

From the early years of not eating enough, to now big fish and meat has become a common occurrence. However, with the increase of obesity and blood lipid, as well as the increase of chronic diseases, many people are looking for ways to solve the problems, especially the increase of blood lipid.

among these types of blood lipids, triglycerides are more common. Many people may not know exactly what they are. In short, when we go to the butcher’s shop to buy meat, we see the pork on the shelf. The white layer under the skin is the main component of triglycerides.

when the normal value of triglyceride is less than 1.7mmol/l, when its value is greater than or equal to 2.26mmol/l, hyperlipidemia can be diagnosed.

among them, high-density lipoprotein is a better kind of human body. It can peel off the lipid deposited on the inner wall of blood vessels, and then transport them back to the liver for cleaning. Therefore, high-density lipoprotein is also known as the scavenger of blood vessel wall. The high-density lipoprotein of normal people is ≥ 1mmol / L.

high triglycerides are mainly harmful to liver and blood vessels. Excess triglycerides can be deposited on the inner wall of blood vessels, and they can also directly damage blood vessels. The triglycerides deposited in the blood vessel wall will be phagocytized by macrophages, and the phagocytic capacity of macrophages is also limited. When they exceed their own capacity, macrophages will lyse and be disappointed, which will induce a series of complex immune reactions, accelerate the progress of atherosclerosis, and increase the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease.

in addition, these extra triglycerides in the liver can also be handled. However, if the liver often carries out such overload work, its function will be reduced, and the excess triglyceride deposition on the liver will form what we often call fatty liver. Fatty liver if not timely intervention, can cause liver fibrosis, even cirrhosis.

in the fourth national population census, the centenarians in Xinjiang accounted for 23% of the whole country. As early as the 1980s, the International Medical Association listed Xinjiang as one of the four major longevity areas in the world. Why is Xinjiang easy to live a long life? And the year round beef and mutton do not leave the mouth, also very few people will have hyperlipidemia and other diseases.

medical experts have discussed this issue and come to the conclusion that in addition to an optimistic attitude towards life, a kind of diet has been created, with strong physique and tough blood vessels. This kind of food is turnip, which has been described in Uygur medical classics. It is non-toxic, warm in nature, and can be used for stomach meridian, liver meridian, Sanjiao, blood Qi and five internal organs.

modern medical research has found that saponins and flavonoids contained in it can act on blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, avoid vascular blockage and reduce triglycerides. For middle-aged and elderly people, single turnip can not meet the requirement of “rust” blood vessels. We also need to match with Agaricus blazei Murill, Grifola frondosa, kelp knot, chickpea and other precious food materials. Agaricus blazei contains rich nucleic acid, which can soften blood vessels and remove the attachments in blood vessels. Grifola frondosa, kelp knot and chickpea contain rich vitamins, which can reduce the formation of thrombus. Drink it every morning and evening A bowl can clear away vascular attachments, improve vascular strength, reduce triglycerides, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

most people with high triglycerides have a greater relationship with diet, so it is very important for them to control their diet. Usually need to pay attention not to eat fried or fried food, do not eat candy or sweets. The intake of vegetables and fruits can be appropriately increased. On the one hand, the energy contained in such substances is not high; on the other hand, the dietary fiber contained in vegetables and fruits can delay the absorption of fat by the human body

the increase of triglycerides. One of the more important factors is that the consumption is too small, so it is very useful for such people to adhere to exercise. In addition, if you are in the situation of obesity, it is easy to cause dyslipidemia. It is best to choose aerobic exercise, such as walking, walking, jogging, etc. Obese people need to pay more attention to, if you choose vigorous exercise, will increase the knee wear. Exercise should be at least 5 times a week, each time the time should be controlled at more than 30 minutes.

one of the more important factors for many obese people is drinking. You should know that alcohol itself contains high energy. After drinking it, they will become triglycerides and accumulate. And often drinking is not good for the body, easy to induce fatty liver.