The child Ding Ding is a little small, parents should not help!

“Doctor, our children are tall and strong, but Ding Ding looks a little small. Is it because of poor penis development or long prepuce? What should we do about this? Do you need medication or surgery

we often encounter this kind of situation in outpatient service. In fact, many children are not too long prepuce or small penis. Their penis development is normal and they just “hide”, which is the so-called “concealed penis”.

occult penis is a common congenital dysplasia and deformity disease, which is mainly manifested as the penis body is buried in the body, the penis skin is not normally attached to the penis body, and only a small foreskin is exposed in the external part.

many parents mistakenly believe that their children have redundant prepuce. Although redundant prepuce and concealed penis are very similar, they are two completely different diseases. Often there are children circumcised, but Ding Ding is not long. If the concealed penis is treated as redundant prepuce, it will increase the difficulty of concealed penis surgery and affect the postoperative appearance.

concealed penis is different from penis. The development of penis in patients with concealed penis is normal. If the skin of penis is pressed inward by hand, the buried penis will be exposed, and the penis will retract when the hand is released. Penile appearance and the ratio of penile length to diameter were normal, but penile length was significantly shorter than that of the same age by 2.5 standard deviations.

concealed penis can cause great psychological and physical barriers to children, and also have great side effects on children’s character, and even lead to sexual dysfunction in adulthood.

if the child has concealed penis with phimosis, it’s best to complete the operation before the child’s school age; if the child is just a simple concealed penis, it’s not necessary to worry too much, because some children’s condition will be alleviated with the growth of age and the further development of the penis.

many fat boys are more likely to have concealed penis. Because of obesity, a large amount of fat accumulates in the lower abdomen and around the pubic bone, so the penis body is “hidden” and looks like only one layer of skin. For this part of children, parents must not rush to give their children surgery, because this part of the children are still very likely to grow well, and surgery has a certain risk, can avoid surgery as far as possible.

if the concealed penis is caused by obesity, parents’ first priority is to help their children lose weight. They usually pay attention to their children’s balanced diet, enhance exercise, and do not need special treatment. Focus