The child is stuck in the throat by fish bone. Eating steamed bread and drinking vinegar will only aggravate the injury. It is only right to do so

Today, the Army bought several large crucian carp from the seafood market. They were all fresh. After returning home, they began to remove the scales without saying a word. My son likes to eat fish best. Today he will make braised crucian carp for his son, and then he began to do it.

when his son came home from school, he saw all the delicious dishes on the table, and immediately he was happy to bloom and devour it. Did not wait for a while, the son began to cry, the army quickly asked what happened, see the son open mouth can not speak, the army knew, fish bone stuck in the son’s throat.

the army took a steamed bread for his son, and asked him to start to use the steamed bread downward. Half of the steamed bread was in the stomach, but the fish bone still didn’t go down. The army quickly took a bottle of vinegar for his son to drink, but the fish bone was still in his throat.

at this time, the army began to panic. It was the wife who picked up the wire and went to the hospital. The doctor used special tools to remove the fish bone stuck in his throat.

and told the army not to blindly believe in folk prescriptions in the future. Fortunately, it came in time, but his son’s esophagus was damaged and the army was sorry.

this method does have a little effect, but it is very little. Some people put the fish bone down because the fish bone stuck in the throat happens to be small and not deep, so it goes down in a moment with steamed bread. But we can’t make sure that the fish bone stuck in the child’s throat is small or shallow.

and if it’s unfortunate that the fishbone in the throat is thick and deep, it will not go down, but it will get deeper and deeper in the throat, causing inflammation and inflammation around the wound and even causing infection.

because it is useless to soften fish bone with vinegar. We know that the content of fish bone is mostly CaCO3, which will be reacted by vinegar, but our vinegar is very low in acidity and content, and it takes a long time and strong acid to soften fish bone. If we use this method to soften the bones, we don’t know how long it will take, and the vinegar we usually eat does not soften our bones. How can we soften the bones? Isn’t that nonsense.

fish is a delicacy that often appears on the dining table. Children love to eat and adults love to eat. However, children will always get stuck in their throat by small fish bones. Therefore, parents still need to keep in mind the correct handling method of fish bone sticking to the throat.

you should stop eating, including water, and try not to swallow it all the time. Don’t think you can swallow the fish bone. If you swallow it all the time, you will lose more than you gain. Be sure to relax your mood, tension easily makes muscles tense, which may make the fish bone stick deeper.

if a child accidentally gets stuck in a fishbone, the first thing parents and friends should do is to stabilize his mood and let him not cry. It will be very dangerous.

after that, you should lower your head and bend down, cough hard, or press your tongue with an ice cream stick or spoon, which will help you retch, and make the fishbone engraved along with the retching action, or make the fish bone not tight.

press your tongue with an ice cream stick or spoon or chopsticks, and shine a flashlight in your throat to find the location of the fish bone. This step must be accompanied by someone. If the other party finds that the fish bone is not deep enough, you can gently clip it out with tweezers. Remember to be gentle, so as not to damage the esophageal tube.

don’t take it by yourself, because you can’t see the fish bone, and it’s inconvenient to look in the mirror. You can’t take out the fish bone with tweezers in your throat. If you don’t talk about hurting your esophagus, it’s terrible to drop the tweezers into your stomach.

if Baoma doesn’t find the fish bone, she must be careful. Don’t act rashly, and call 120 in time to find a doctor, because we can’t determine whether the fish bone is deep in the end. If the fish bone is deep enough, the child’s wound will be infected.

if you find that the fish bone is very thick and inserted into the meat, don’t pull it out in a hurry. It will easily pull out a piece of meat. So for dealing with these problems, we are not professional after all, so we’d better find a doctor.

if you register in the hospital, you can go to the stomatology department or the Hou department. The doctor will take out fish bones with professional instruments and disinfect them. For doctors, this kind of thing is relatively simple, and the price will not be very expensive. It is only about 230 yuan, so don’t go to the hospital for such a small amount of money.

it’s not terrible to have a fishbone stuck in the throat. The terrible thing is to use folk prescriptions blindly, which will not be beneficial to things, but will make them worse and worse. Therefore, we must remember these three steps to ensure that the baby is safe and sound. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so