The civil aviation department starts the circuit breaker mechanism for consecutive imported cases in Shanghai’s inbound flights

Beijing News Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work office of Shanghai leading group office said that the Shanghai county’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work office will further strengthen the whole process of closed-loop management, strictly implement various health management measures, urge relevant enterprises to effectively implement the main responsibility, and grasp the source and remote prevention and control, according to the official account of the WeChat public in August 10th. And resolutely curb the import of foreign epidemic diseases. It is reported that the Civil Aviation Department has started the circuit breaker mechanism for relevant flights in accordance with the procedures.

Shanghai Customs and other port departments strictly implement measures such as boarding quarantine, health declaration card audit, temperature measurement and flow adjustment for entry flights and entry personnel, transfer the patients with fever and other symptoms to the designated medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment, and conduct nucleic acid detection for all entry personnel. Isolation medical observation has been carried out for close contacts of the same aircraft. If any abnormality is found, it will be sent to the designated medical institution for investigation and follow-up treatment.

the city will strictly implement the epidemiological investigation of confirmed cases and the screening of isolation personnel, strengthen the treatment of confirmed cases, and organize expert groups to carry out flight epidemic risk assessment. At the same time, in strict accordance with the regulations, further implement the prevention and control measures for overseas enterprises in our city, compact the main responsibility of the units, and strengthen the health management of employees by overseas enterprises. We will further implement remote control measures for international flights, strengthen pre boarding quarantine and inspection of valid negative nucleic acid certificates.

the city will continue to strengthen the construction of fever clinics, coordinate the rescue efforts of the whole city, concentrate the advantageous medical resources, and support the designated hospitals to do a good job in case treatment. At present, 48 cases of imported sexually transmitted diseases are treated in two designated hospitals. According to the disease conditions, classified treatment and comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine are implemented. All cases are light or ordinary type, and the condition is stable.