The “cleaner” of stomach disease is found, add “it” in boiled water, the stomach becomes clean slowly

Stomach disease is one of the most common diseases and is difficult to cure. In general, this disease is difficult to be completely cured, and it may be because the treatment will kill some beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and reduce human immunity. Therefore, we should first find out our own disease and treat it in time. What are the common symptoms of stomach disease?

vomiting is a reflex action in which food in the stomach reflux into the esophagus and vomit out through the mouth. Vomiting can spit out harmful substances in the body, which can play a protective role to the body. However, frequent, severe and lasting vomiting can cause disorder of water and electrolyte, dehydration and nutritional disorders in the body.

hiccup, commonly known as hiccup. Hiccup is caused by the upward rush of Qi and the continuous sound of Er Er ER in the throat. The sound is short and frequent, which makes people unable to control the main symptom. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the location of the disease lies in the diaphragm, and the key viscera is in the stomach, which is related to the lung, liver, spleen and kidney.

dyspepsia is a group of comprehensive manifestations of digestive and absorption disorders. Gastrointestinal digestive function weakened and cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms, is dyspepsia.

Hydrangea powder is supplemented with Hydrangea powder. The hydrangea polysaccharide contained in it has a sweet taste and benefits the spleen and stomach. It has been widely used in the treatment of stomach diseases. It can promote the repair of gastric mucosa, reduce the damage to the stomach, and improve the ability of resisting damage, so as to protect the stomach well. Combined with Bifidobacterium, the original damaged stomach can be repaired and the protective function can be reconstructed through the improvement of gastric mucosa.

anxiety, sadness, depression, depression and other adverse emotions may weaken the digestive function, or stimulate the stomach to produce excessive gastric acid, resulting in increased gastric qi and increased abdominal distension.

high fiber food does not only cause abdominal distension – sometimes on the contrary, it can reduce abdominal distension, especially after high-fat food intake. This is because high-fat foods are difficult to digest and absorb, so they tend to stay in the intestines and stomach for a long time. Once fiber is added, the blocked digestive system is likely to be dredged quickly.

for some diseases, abdominal distension is a precursor or one of the symptoms. They may be allergic enteritis, ulcerative colitis, bladder tumor, etc. Focus