The comparison of contraceptive methods in different countries shows that there is a kind of comfort and long-term respect for women, but domestic men are reluctant to try

Contraception is a topic pursued by many couples who have no family planning for the time being. There are many kinds of contraceptive methods. However, due to the different customs and habits of different countries, the preferred contraceptive methods are quite different. Since 1980s, family planning has been implemented in China, so most couples choose to use contraceptive ring for long-term contraception. < / P > < p > refers to placing the contraceptive device at the bottom of the uterus through surgery, so as to stimulate the endometrium, prevent the meeting of tadpoles and eggs, and achieve the purpose of contraception. Compared with hormonal contraceptive methods, it will not disturb the hormone level of women and will not affect the endocrine status. < / P > < p > and if you want to restore fertility in the future, you just need to take off the contraceptive ring and perform a recanalization operation, which can maximize the recovery. < / P > < p > foreign body rejection: human body structure is relatively close, contraceptive ring is a “foreign body” for the uterus, according to different personal differences, it will cause female rejection reaction, for example, many women will have low back pain and bleeding. Hormone level: contraceptive ring will interfere with the secretion of hormones in women, that is why many girls appear gynecological problems repeatedly after IUD. < p > < p > deviation of contraceptive ring: there are many cases of pregnancy and childbirth after IUD, which is mainly due to the deviation of IUD, which eventually affects the contraceptive effect. < p > < p > we all know that foreigners are more open-minded, and behind this is relatively open, which also represents adequate contraceptive awareness. Oral contraceptives are the most popular contraceptive method for young people at present. The average age of oral contraceptives for British women is about 5.5 years. < p > < p > contraceptive principle: mainly through the role of drugs, disturb the normal ovulation of women’s ovaries and uterus, and prevent “tadpoles” and eggs from meeting. Advantages: easy to use, does not affect the experience, and its success rate is as high as 99%. If you want to resume pregnancy, you can stop taking it. Disadvantages: the hormone inside will affect the normal secretion of the body, menstrual disorders, and even amenorrhea. < p > < p > Japanese have always been reluctant to trouble others and pursue safety, so condoms have become the mainstream contraceptive method. Not only that, their industry is quite developed, but we can often see Japanese condoms in supermarkets. < p > < p > contraceptive principle: by wearing rubber products, the meeting of sperm and egg is prevented, and contraception is realized by physical means. Advantages: under the condition of correct use, the success rate is as high as 99.8%, and it is convenient and hygienic. It can not only prevent contraception, but also block bacteria and germs, and protect the health of both sides. Disadvantages: there may be risks of breakage and falling off, and a small number of people are allergic to rubber. < p > < p > contraceptive principle: due to the low status of women in Israel, it is also women who bear the responsibility of contraception, mainly through the injection of drugs to achieve contraceptive effect. Advantages: high success rate and function. Disadvantages: the female body injury is greater, may appear irregular menstruation, gynecological problems and so on, the probability of pregnancy again is lower. < p > < p > contraceptive principle: ligation of the vas deferens or fallopian tubes can achieve the effect of contraception. Advantages: male ligation operation is simple, fast recovery, high success rate, more efficient than female. Disadvantages: after ligation for a long time, the recanalization may be relatively difficult. Moreover, American men are relatively open-minded, so many of them take the initiative to propose ligation. Compared with female ligation, male ligation is more comfortable, more durable and respects women. However, domestic men may not be willing to do so because they think it will hurt their self-esteem, and they are worried about damaging their health. < / P > < p > the main reason is that the selenium acetate and ethinylestradiol in it can play a contraceptive role through release, and the use time can reach one year. Only when the menstrual period is not suitable for placing, it can be taken out for cleaning, disinfection and storage. < / P > < p > before taking this contraceptive, it is in the state of ordinary capsule, but after taking it, it will become a “six star” shape, which is quite like martial arts novels. In fact, it is a kind of foldable drug. The drug delivery system outside will gradually release 6-fold star shaped polyester structure after women take it, and it can stay in the digestive tract for a few weeks Stable enough contraception. No matter how much trouble there is in contraception, I hope you can stick to it. Especially in this open society, the communication between the two sexes is closer. We should protect ourselves and each other well, and do not leave lifelong regret for temporary stimulation. Focus