The competition between men begins with urination! Range determines “ability”? Male bluntly: I’m too hard

Introduction: the scope of a man’s urination determines his ability? Doctor: in a few simple words, you will understand! It is said that when many men urinate, if they are with men, they must “fight”. Therefore, there is a saying widely spread among men that the farther you pee, the stronger your sexual ability. So, let’s follow the editor to popularize science and give you a clear answer. Can the range of a man’s urination determine his “ability”?

in fact, poor urination can damage sexual function. As a result of weak urination, it means that there is a problem with the urination system, there will be signs of prostatic inflammation, prostate enlargement and other diseases. After this kind of disease occurs, it may oppress the urethra, resulting in poor urination. If not treated in time, it will damage the sexual function and cause infertility. Therefore, the emergence of weak urination, we must attach great importance to the doctor immediately to see how it happened, and then medication treatment.

in addition to the common saying about male sexual ability, there is also a folk name for urination. For example: a man’s nose is big, his body is hairy, his ears are big, his teeth are bright, etc. However, this folk name lacks modern scientific research and direct evidence, and can not become the basic law. When bored, it can make a joke and can not be a reference for distinguishing function.

to keep men healthy, exercise itself is the best way. Men do push ups, not only can make the body relax, but also can make the inner pressure gradually reduce. Modern people’s life and work are relatively busy, there is not much time to relax themselves, if the pressure has been put in the heart, not timely release, it is easy to cause some male and psychological physiological problems, so daily exercise is very necessary.

many men have bad living habits, such as smoking, drinking, often staying up late, and so on. Even when they are ill, they do not want to see a doctor, which leads to problems such as lack of masculinity and poor physique. Therefore, to ensure their charm and demeanor, men must give up these bad habits and develop good living habits.

men should take at least 1500 ml of water a day, which helps to remove endotoxin and garbage from the kidney and reduce the burden on the kidney. In addition, according to the records of Hua Tuo, a Chinese physician, mulberry, cinnamon and malt are used to nourish the kidney and replenish qi. At the same time, it can also be supplemented with soybean, black sesame, ginseng, ginger and other nutrients. Therefore, many traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for tonifying the kidney also contain these ingredients, which are of the same origin. Their functions are as follows:

when drinking, wash the ingredients and boil them in cold water for one hour before drinking. If you don’t have time and don’t worry, you can choose the following tea bag for 5 minutes at a time. Your health is worth paying for! For 21 days, you can have a golden kidney!

conclusion: the competition between men starts from urination! Range determines “ability”? Male bluntly: I’m too hard! In fact, those who say that the farther a man urinates, the happier his or her husband’s life is, and there is no scientific basis for that? Don’t take it seriously. This cup of tea is reliable. If you want to really improve your ability, you should insist on drinking men’s “nourishing kidney tea”. Information sharing for epilepsy patients