The crisis of traditional Chinese medicine and the fight against counterfeiting

In the history of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many famous doctors, such as Bian que, Hua Tuo, Zhang Zhongjing, Li Shizhen and so on. < / P > < p > the crisis of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly reflected in the level of famous traditional Chinese medicine. To be realistic, the modern famous TCM can not be compared with the ancient Bian que, Hua Tuo, Zhang Zhongjing and Li Shizhen. And modern famous Chinese medicine can’t compare with that of 50 years ago. With the gradual decline of national treasure level famous and old TCM practitioners, the level of famous TCM practitioners will further decline. Therefore, some people lament that if it goes on like this, it will be 50 years at least and 100 years at most. There will be no more famous TCM doctors of high level in the world. I think this kind of exclamation is not alarmist. < / P > < p > why does the phenomenon that famous TCM is inferior to one generation? Some experts pointed out that since modern times, there has been a fundamental mistake in the way we train TCM talents. Traditional Chinese medicine is a science of experience. The traditional mode of “master with apprentice” is the most basic guarantee for the continuous flow of TCM talents for thousands of years. Recently, Zhang Boli, an anti epidemic hero, also put forward the importance of the traditional mode of apprenticeship in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. However, since modern times, with the entry of Western medicine into China, our traditional mode of training Chinese medicine talents has basically lost the traditional mode of master with apprentice, and adopted the way of university education. Experts point out that modern university education is suitable for the cultivation of Western medicine talents, but not for the cultivation of experienced and scientific TCM talents. It is the wrong way of training TCM talents that leads to the continuous decline of the level of famous TCM in modern times. < / P > < p > traditional Chinese medicine is also facing an unprecedented crisis. In my opinion, the main reason is that the deterioration of the ecological environment leads to a large number of Chinese herbal medicines can not be collected from nature, and can only rely on artificial cultivation. The traditional Chinese medicine cultivated artificially can’t be compared with the traditional Chinese medicine growing naturally in nature. The deterioration of ecological environment is a world problem. It is difficult to make the quality of traditional Chinese medicine return to the tradition! < / P > < p > any medicine has its own limitations, so does traditional Chinese medicine. However, there are always some people in the society who are superstitious in traditional Chinese medicine, blindly pursue “pure Chinese medicine treatment”, and extremely reject western medicine. Such an attitude is certainly not conducive to the treatment of the disease. On the contrary, there are still some people who despise traditional Chinese medicine and think that it is unscientific, at most health culture. A few years ago, many celebrities such as Fang Zhouzi and Sima Nan openly expressed their disdain for TCM. Lu Xun also pointed out in his article that TCM was a swindler intentionally or unintentionally. Of course, it is one-sided understanding to ignore TCM, which magnifies the shortcomings of TCM. < / P > < p > I believe that western medicine is indeed the mainstream of medicine in the world, but the value of traditional Chinese medicine can not be completely denied. However, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are facing unprecedented crisis. We should save our traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine, and let them continue to contribute to the Chinese nation and even the whole mankind! < / P > < p > although Zhouzi and Sima Nan disagree with each other’s negation of traditional Chinese medicine, they advocate fighting against counterfeiting in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Nowadays, there are many fake TCM and pseudonym TCM, which are harmful to patients and reputation of TCM. < / P > < p > my mother went to the traditional Chinese Medicine Department of a community hospital for leg pain. He is an old traditional Chinese medicine. The hospital’s billboard says that he is a family of traditional Chinese medicine. The old Chinese medicine doctor has a big temper. If he makes any mistakes in the dialogue, he will swear. He claimed that his medical skills were both a family study and a unique one. Mother wants to say his illness, he stopped: Needless to say, I know the pulse. About 10 minutes later, he said that his mother’s illness was lucky to meet him, otherwise he would have to go to the hospital every day for the rest of his life, and hundreds of thousands of them might not be cured. He gave his mother six packs of Chinese medicine, two packs a day. He asked her to take it for three months. About seven or eight thousand yuan would cure her completely. < / P > < p > although mother comes from the countryside, she is also a person who has been tempered by life for a lifetime. But that day, my mother was so scared that she didn’t say a few words all day. I suggested going to a big hospital, and my mother agreed. Finally, the deputy chief physician of the 3A hospital prescribed less than 100 yuan to cure her mother’s leg pain. “That old guy…” My mother was rude. < / P > < p > one day when I passed by the community hospital, I found that the so-called old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, who was born into a family of traditional Chinese medicine, had left the hospital. Home