The culprit of “ShaoBaiTou” has been found! Add it in the water, the kidney is good, it’s hard to be white headed when you are young

Introduction: with the increase of life pressure, more and more people appear white hair phenomenon, which is also becoming younger and younger. Not only does it look old, it can also lead to hair loss and other phenomena, affecting people’s mood. Now, the culprit of “Shao Baitou” has been found. It was caused by the decline of renal function. If you add it to the water, the kidney will be better, and it will be difficult to think of hoarseness when you are young. < / P > < p > waist is an important organ of a man. Whether a man is strong or not and whether he can raise his eyebrows in the life of a husband and wife depends on the strength of his waist. However, if the kidney function drops, the waist will often appear the phenomenon of ache. < / P > < p > many people have such a misconception. They think that leukopenia is genetic or abnormal blood, but it is actually caused by renal dysfunction. When the renal function is decreased and the kidney qi is not enough, the hair will become dry and white. < / P > < p > although people have the impulse to eat heavy taste food when their renal function is reduced, if they eat it often, it will do harm to the kidney. Therefore, we should refuse the heavy mouth diet. < p > < p > exercise can reduce visceral fat content and reduce visceral pressure. At the same time, it can stimulate the metabolism, so that the toxins produced in the body can be discharged from the body in time. According to the records written by Qi Shi, a medical expert in the Ming Dynasty, whether the kidney function can work normally is related to human health. Therefore, medical scientists use dietotherapy to gently nourish and regulate the kidney. Ginseng, polygonatum, Maca powder, Lycium barbarum can play a role in the maintenance of the kidney. Modern traditional Chinese medicine has applied the principle of dual-use of these ingredients to make a prescription for nourishing the kidney. < p > < p > ginseng: ginseng is the “champion” in nourishing vitality, and it also has the function of intelligence. Ginseng itself also has a good effect of tonifying spleen and kidney, calming nerves and Tonifying Qi. Maca powder: Maca grows in plateau area, and is a kind of very precious Qi replenishing food. It has the function of nourishing vitality, improving male ability, calming the mind and helping sleep. At the same time, it can nourish kidney, nourish essence, nourish yin and moisten lung. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum: Lycium barbarum can reduce the three high, has the function of Tonifying Qi, nourishing blood and eyesight. It is often used to enhance immunity, but due to its characteristics, diabetic patients should be cautious when taking it. < / P > < p > through the ratio, we can make the best use of these ingredients. If you feel that it is more troublesome to match, you can choose the tea bag which is finished by matching. It is very convenient for brewing and drinking. Moreover, it has obvious effect in nourishing kidney and strengthening kidney. Conclusion: if a man wants to maintain his physical strength and become a “lasting” man, he must pay attention to the maintenance of his kidney. If the above-mentioned phenomena appear, 80% of them are renal dysfunction, which should be paid attention to. The above several small methods can help promote the recovery of renal function, can try. Information sharing for epilepsy patients