The culprit of thyroid disease has been announced. Doctor: it’s good to change one

In the past, most people were not clear about the location of the thyroid, but now they have been able to casually say thyroid related diseases, which is because the prevalence of thyroid diseases is gradually rising. There are more and more people suffering from hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules. The reason why thyroid lesions occur is actually related to themselves. Doctors advise everyone to avoid the cause of thyroid disease, in order to protect the health of thyroid.

too much salt, when a person directly eat pickles, others will say you taste really heavy. Many people like to eat high salt food in their life. They think it has a good taste. But salt contains a lot of iodine. Once they eat too much, it will stimulate the thyroid gland, and then cause thyroid disease. Iodine element can not intake too much, but also can not intake too little, if iodine element is insufficient, it will affect the secretion of thyroid hormone, also can cause thyroid disease.

eat too much seafood. Now many restaurants have launched “seafood bigwigs”. A lot of seafood is piled up in the super large basin, which looks very attractive. But seafood will contain a lot of iodine, if you eat too much, it will lead to excessive thyroid hormone secretion, which will affect the health of the body. If you have thyroid disease, and continue to eat a lot of seafood, it will aggravate the disease, may also induce more serious problems.

I often smoke and drink, a sip of wine and a sip of smoke. It looks very comfortable. I don’t know that this habit will cause serious damage to the thyroid gland. Many people around have the habit of either smoking or drinking, or both. Cigarette and alcohol itself contains harmful substances to human body, if excessive intake will lead to endocrine disorders, will accelerate the speed of thyroid disease. If you don’t want to hurt your thyroid, it’s better to smoke less and drink less. If you can stop smoking and drinking, it will not only help to protect the health of your thyroid, but also help to protect the health of your organs.

often get angry. Someone once did such an experiment to let mice stay in the gas vomited when they were angry. As a result, the mice were poisoned soon. Every time you get angry, your body organs will be injured, and so will your thyroid. Often angry, or often anger in the heart, may lead to stagnation of liver qi, toxins in the body can not be discharged, the more accumulated, and finally will harm the health of the thyroid, and then induce disease. So no matter what kind of things you encounter, you should be less angry, try to look at all things with a peaceful attitude, and keep a happy mood, which is more beneficial to the thyroid gland.

people often stay up late. Nowadays, people don’t sleep before 12 o’clock. People are busy working during the day, so they will seize some time to play mobile phones and games at night. Staying up late for a short time may not cause great changes in the body, but in the long run, endocrine disorders may occur, and thyroid hormone secretion will also be affected. If it is not corrected in time, thyroid diseases may be induced.

these are the factors that induce thyroid lesions. You may as well compare them and see what problems you have. Timely correction can reduce the stimulation to thyroid. In our daily life, we must eat salt reasonably, not too much, but also not too little. Less smoking and drinking, less anger, less staying up late, keeping enough sleep and good mood are helpful to prevent thyroid disease. Focus