The death rate is 100% and 95% is transmitted by dogs. It’s not too late to know these protection points!

Today is a normal day, few people know that today is “World Rabies Day”. You may wonder: what? Rabies has a special day? < / P > < p > World Rabies Day, of course, was not born to commemorate rabies, but to let more people know about the disease and how to prevent it. Today, let’s talk about some common problems about rabies in detail ~ < / P > < p > among many infectious diseases, Ebola and SARS should be regarded as “big brothers”, and no one is not alarmed when they are heard. But in fact, the death rate of SARS is only 10%, that of severe smallpox is 25%, and that of Ebola is 50-90%. Look at rabies again, its mortality rate is as high as 100% without any retention space! < / P > < p > although the name of rabies has the word “dog”, it does not mean that it is all caused by sick dogs. Animals like cats, foxes, bats and wolves can spread rabies virus. What’s more, if rabies comes on, there is no cure! It should be noted that cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and other livestock are also at risk of transmitting rabies. < / P > < p > when rabies virus reaches the human brain, it will make a lot of replication and directly attack our control center. At this time, the infection will appear corresponding symptoms, such as fear of water, fear of wind, fear of light and so on. Among these symptoms, fear of water should be the most typical and direct one. At this time, don’t mention touching water, even if you hear the sound of water flow, you will feel afraid! < / P > < p > rabies has a 100% mortality rate because it leaves no chance for the immune system. After rabies virus enters the human body, it will reach our brain directly along the nerve endings, just like “catching the thief first catching the king”. < / P > < p > many years ago, the incubation period of rabies was generally recognized as a few months to decades. The latest standard is as short as 1-3 months and as long as no more than one year. < / P > < p > the first step is to wash the wound. It is recommended to wash the wound with soapy water or flowing water for at least 15 minutes. And then rinse with normal saline, just in case. < / P > < p > next, wipe the wound. It is recommended to use 2-3% Iodophor or 75% alcohol. In short, we must remember to disinfect! < / P > < p > finally, I would like to remind you that when you keep pets at home, you must vaccinate your pets. When you go out with your pet, be sure to tether it! 08/17/2020