The differences between Chinese and Western contraceptive methods, why are the advanced contraceptive methods of foreigners not recognized by the Chinese people?

Introduction: Nowadays many young people don’t want children, so they will choose a variety of contraceptive methods, whether in the West or in China, we choose a variety of contraceptive methods. In China, most of them choose to use condoms or contraceptives. After having children, some couples will choose men for ligation. However, it is not the same in the West. < p > < p > Xiaomei is a college student studying abroad. After studying in the United States, she brought an American boyfriend with her. When two people are emotionally stable, they will naturally do something indescribable. On the evening of Xiaomei’s birthday, two people were in the hotel. Under the beautiful moonlight, the two people had feelings. After kissing, when they were ready to go on the next step, Xiaomei pushed her boyfriend aside and asked him, “did you buy a condom?” At the same time, Xiaomei’s boyfriend felt disturbed by his interest. At the same time, he was very strange about condom, because they didn’t have condoms. Finally, she had to wash and sleep. Later, Xiaomei realized that the contraceptive choice in the United States was not a condom. I believe many people know that the largest condom processing factory is Japan. Condoms produced in Japan are all over the world. Although their condoms are sold more expensive, they are of good quality. They can also safely contraception without drugs, commonly known as “condoms”. Condom technology is very advanced, in good use of smooth contraception, but also antibacterial and prevent the spread of disease functions, so it can be loved by the majority of the people. The United Kingdom is not like China and Japan. They are more open-minded than we are in ideology, and they are also open-minded in gender education. Despite this, British men and women still use contraception, after all, pregnancy can be a hassle, especially for unmarried couples. However, their contraceptive method is not to choose condoms similar to those in Japan and China, but to choose drug contraception, the most harmful contraceptive for women. Taking more contraceptives can lead to women reducing ovulation, thus achieving the effect of long-term contraception. < / P > < p > the United States is a country that is more open than the United Kingdom. In American blockbusters, I believe everyone can feel that they can hug and kiss in public places. Therefore, the American contraceptive method is also very bold, that is, ligation, which is a long-term contraceptive method, more popular in the United States. < p > < p > contraceptives do great harm to women. Long term use of contraceptives will lead to infertility. Therefore, it is very important to adhere to supplement zinc after taking contraceptives. Ginseng, as a kind of tonic medicine, is rich in zinc. Therefore, women who eat ginseng more can help repair the damage caused by contraceptives and improve their resistance to the outside world. < / P > < p > there was a time when tights and tights were trendsetters in the fashion world, but sometimes tights and tights. Although the figure of some women with good figure is displayed perfectly, showing the beauty of women, the disadvantages of tight clothes and tight pants can not be ignored. First of all, people who wear tight clothes should know that they are not easy to wear and take off, causing trouble. Secondly, tight clothing is not popular in summer, after all, it will be very hot. In addition to two disadvantages of appeal, for women, tights can raise the temperature of private places, causing bacterial infection. Therefore, now more and more women wear loose clothes, good-looking and convenient. Drinking more water is really good for the body. Water acts as a function of transporting metabolic substances in human cells. Drinking more water can promote the excretion of harmful substances out of our body, at the same time, it will reduce the pressure on our kidneys, so that the kidneys can better perform their functions. < p > < p > Hua Tuo, a famous medical expert in ancient China, recorded that taking mulberry, cinnamon and malt together has the effect of nourishing the kidney. With soybeans, black sesame, ginseng, ginger and other substances, it has double effects. The specific functions are as follows: < / P > < P > we can buy these herbs in the drugstore, wash them and boil them in cold water in the pot. For many office workers do not have time to boil, it is recommended to choose our tea bag that has been made, one bag at a time. Conclusion: the contraceptive methods of foreigners in China are extremely extreme. After all, China is still a traditional country. Chinese men also pay attention to women’s health, so it is not advisable to take contraceptives for a long time. For both men and women, there must be a consensus on contraception, that is, try not to harm your health. I hope you can have a good husband and wife life, but also healthy contraception. Your name will always exist on the Internet