The disease progresses to the advanced stage, can only chemotherapy, how to do the nursing work well?

As a common primary lung cancer, lung cancer is harmful to human body. Early lung cancer symptoms are not typical, it is not easy to be found, which leads to many patients in the diagnosis is already in the middle and late stage. In the middle and late stage, the single surgical treatment can not achieve the recovery of the disease, so it needs a variety of methods, such as adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy, targeted therapy and so on. However, the side effects of chemotherapy are relatively large, many elderly people feel difficult to tolerate, so what nursing work should be done before chemotherapy to reduce the discomfort of the elderly? < / P > < p > 1. To improve the overall nutritional status of patients, patients should eat more high protein food, high vitamin food, and should also supplement enough calories. If it is really difficult to eat, nutritional support treatment can be carried out in the hospital. < / P > < p > 2. It is necessary to observe the psychological situation of patients, encourage patients more, and establish confidence in treatment, so that patients can see some cases of patients with improved treatment, eliminate concerns about treatment, and make patients more cooperative with treatment. In the process of chemotherapy, patients need long-term infusion and repeated venipuncture, which will cause certain injury to the vein. Therefore, if conditions permit, PICC catheterization can be selected. During the course of administration, it is necessary to continuously observe the vein condition and ask the patient whether he has pain and burning sensation. < p > < p > 2. Pay attention to oral care, observe the oral mucosa during the treatment, and let the patients gargle with mouthwash every day to keep their mouth clean. If there is oral infection, it needs to be treated in time. The adverse reactions were observed closely. Early chemotherapy will generally appear malignant, vomiting, serious words will cause dehydration of patients. Mild reaction, can distract the attention of patients, reduce the impact of these symptoms on patients. After vomiting, be sure to gargle and wash the face in time. You can take antiemetic drugs as directed by your doctor. The treatment of bone marrow suppression. During chemotherapy, attention should be paid to the changes of blood routine. When white blood cells and platelets are lower than 4.0 × 10 ^ 9 / L and 80.0 × 10 ^ 9 / L, chemotherapy should be suspended. < / P > < p > after chemotherapy, patients need to pay attention to their health, avoid infection and fatigue, exercise properly, supplement nutrition is also very important, follow the doctor’s advice, do some follow-up laboratory tests, and make preparations before the next chemotherapy. 08/16/2020