The “dissolving agent” of hyperlipidemia is it, not Auricularia auricula. If you drink hard every day, you will be dissolved by it

Introduction: the life span of blood vessels and people’s & quot; life span & quot; belong to the same vein. If the blood vessels are not good, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will occur, people’s life will also be threatened. Moreover, with the development of the times, people’s quality of life is also on the rise, and the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will increase accordingly. Therefore, we must pay attention to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. We should pay more attention to triglyceride in blood lipids. If it is increased, blood vessels will be blocked and thrombosis will be caused, which seriously endangers the health of the body and blood vessels. < / P > < p > once these manifestations appear, we must pay attention to it. The increase of blood lipid is not a trivial matter, it will also cause the other two high, especially for the elderly, we must quickly reduce blood lipid and raise blood vessels, otherwise cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases will come to our door, and it will be with you for life! < / P > < p > many people like to eat fried food, such as fried chicken, French fries, etc. Although fried food tastes very good, but the oil content is still relatively large. If the fat is too high, it will increase the metabolic burden of the liver. After being absorbed by the human body, it will enter the blood vessels, causing the blood lipids to rise, which is difficult to decompose, which will make the blood triglyceride content exceed the standard. The nutritional value of animal viscera is very rich, but it is not suitable to eat it often, because too much viscera will lead to high blood lipid. Eating too much, abnormal protein metabolism, blood lipid surge, vascular lumen obstruction, will also increase blood flow resistance, causing hypertension. Therefore, in order to prevent hyperlipidemia, animal viscera had better eat less, hold the mouth and open the legs, blood lipid is stable, and hypertension does not disturb. It is the thrombolytic agent, not Auricularia auricula. If you drink hard every day, the thrombus will be dissolved by it; < / P > < p > to prevent hyperlipidemia, you should drink more water. Drinking water can promote blood circulation, dilute blood and improve blood viscosity. However, the effect of drinking water alone is not ideal. You can add some thrombolytic plant ingredients in the water, such as dandelion, Kuding, jasmine, licorice, lily, etc., and make tea bags with these ingredients. If you insist on drinking, your blood lipid will return to stability. The effects of these ingredients are as follows: < / P > < p > combine these ingredients to make tea, one cup a day. In the long run, the lipid-lowering effect is really good. If you don’t know much about the ingredients, you can try the same tea bag directly. It is caused by the combination of the above ingredients, which can solve your problems in tea making. < p > < p > summary: with the improvement of quality of life, we should pay more attention to contraindications in diet, especially those with high blood fat and thick blood. Drink more lipid-lowering tea every day, one cup a day, and adhere to a cycle, you will have unexpected harvest. Finally, I wish you all good health, blood vessels more and more young! PARRENT&CHILDREN