The dog rescued the stray cat under the car, and often sneaked to find it, warm action moved people

This puppy, Tucker, is a new pet dog of a couple in Italy. In order to facilitate the dog to do toilet training, the couple spent most of their time outdoors with the dog.

one day, when his wife took Tucker out for training, she saw a little tiger cat trapped under the car in an alley next to their home. The kitten seemed to be caught by something and couldn’t get out.

Tucker walked over and leaned under the car. He didn’t know what he had done, but with his efforts, the kitten gradually came out from under the car. The kitten is not hurt, but it looks a little shy.

the shy little tiger cat went to the dog Tucker, wiped his face on him, and wrapped his tail around him like a hug. He sincerely thanks the dog friend who is good at saving him.

the wife said, “no one knows where it comes from, or why it’s alone without a mother or siblings, not even the people who live together.”

after asking around, she learned that the little tabby cat has been living alone in this open garage, and neighbors occasionally feed it some food. So the cat brought her some snacks, hoping to help her.

after that, whenever she took Tucker out, she saw the kitten over there. She seemed eager to play with Tucker, and tucker obviously liked him as a cat friend.

soon, they became very good friends. The cat would appear in front of the couple’s building every day, waiting for Tucker’s arrival. At this time, Tucker would complain at the door, as if to go out and play with his friends.

once, Tucker came back from a trip, and his whole body was wet by the rain, which made people feel sad. The couple knew that he went to play with the tabby cat again. They were very happy every time they were together, and the dog’s behavior deeply moved them.

dogs like tabby cats very much. Kittens also like their dogs. They need a safe home. So the couple decided to take the tabby cat home together, so that the two little guys could keep company with each other.

the tabby cat, who came to his new home for the first time, seemed a little scared and tried to find a place to hide. However, realizing that Tucker was also around and that he was safe now, he called to Tucker in a low voice, as if embarrassed by his behavior.

since the kitten was officially adopted into the family, the couple haven’t heard Tucker’s complaint for a long time. Two good friends hug and play like brothers, chase each other and walk around. Sometimes they make a mess of the house together, and sometimes they hug each other to sleep.

Tucker is outgoing, sociable and likes to make friends, while kittens are introverted but brave. This complementary character makes them get along more harmoniously, and they are the most intimate partners growing up together.

the couple didn’t expect that they could harvest such a lovely little companion who only wanted to have a dog. Moreover, Tucker saved the kitten and brought it in. This may be the predestined fate.

the dog’s love has raised the shade of green for the stray tabby cat to block the hot summer sun. It has moved the owner’s heart with its kind behavior. It is willing to give the stray tabby cat a shelter from the wind and rain, and it has also gained a good partner to accompany its growth. This is the good intentions that have good rewards.