The due date of delivery is coming. Are these 5 kinds ready for the pregnant mother? Don’t just welcome the baby

With the expected date of delivery approaching, Xiao Liu smoothly entered the delivery room and gave birth to a daughter. After a flurry, she lay down on the hospital bed smoothly. The family members are watching the baby. The nurse came in to check the wound of the lying in woman but found the sheets under her body were dirty.

I believe many people in life don’t know the “nursing pad”. Today, I’d like to take you to know about the five necessities of stocking up during pregnancy. Don’t just care about the baby. Get ready for the pregnant mother!

lochia is not eliminated in postpartum women. It takes about 15 days to discharge lochia. It is very easy to dirty pants and mattresses at this stage. The quantity is relatively large, need to buy good quality, strong absorbent nursing pad, the quality of the general hospital side of the small seller is poor and expensive, so it is necessary to prepare a good quality, guaranteed special nursing pad in the prenatal.

Pregnant Baoma must know that “pregnancy marks” are terrible. With the approaching of labor day by day, the continuous growth of pregnant belly will also bring terrible pregnancy marks. The ugly stripes on the belly are a nightmare for women, and recovery is very slow.

we should prepare “pregnancy cream” in the early stage of pregnancy, and apply it in circles every day on the stomach to keep the elasticity of the belly and prevent the growth of pregnancy marks. We should also adhere to the application after delivery to help the expanded stomach contract back to normal state quickly.

many women’s postpartum ptosis is because they don’t pay attention to this problem. Pregnancy and lactation will directly stimulate the secondary development of the chest. If Baoma doesn’t pay attention to maintenance and care, it’s easy to strain ligaments and cause sagging.

it is suggested that fathers to be choose large size 1-4 bras for pregnant women in the early or mid pregnancy, and the specific size depends on the stage, so as not to embarrass the pregnant mother after delivery.

to prevent embarrassment, we should also prepare a breast-feeding light artifact. After childbirth, the maternal will have relatives and friends to visit, and the newborn can’t cry without feeding. With this artifact, we can avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

not every new mother can successfully let her children drink the first milk. Especially for novice mothers, it is more difficult under the pressure of stress and pain in childbirth. Many people have to choose to have professional massage to promote milk, which will bring a new round of pain to pregnant mothers.

it is suggested that the father to be prepare a sucking device in advance, which can not only help the pregnant mother to milk in time, but also bring God’s assistance when the baby is not full. Remember to use hot towel hot compress baby’s “rice bag”, can effectively dredge meridians, reduce maternal pain. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao